Fighterslam banned by debonaircorsair

CKEY: fighterslam

Admin’s CKEY: debonaircorsair

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: permanent serverban

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/21/2019

Round ID: 8251

Ban Reason: Rule 0 - Don’t be a dick. Delayed round end.

Appeal Reason: well i’m permaed and i dont wanna be ban

Additional Information: everyone agrees deb did a big uncool

if y’all are here just to insult me or say i did x wrong or provide generally unhelpful negative comments just fuck off i’ve had enough of that

by makin this appeal i hope i get to be back on the server as soon as possible. we’ll see.

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All I’m gonna start this with is I don’t think a permaban was the appropriate punishment. I was just going to remove him from the round in some way, but it somehow turned into a ban.

so that insult part doesn’t look good but yeah i feel you. unban shouldn’t have been a perma. maybe like a ert or some shit

the “b” in bastian stands fo “bruh”

I wasn’t sure of the exact circumstance as to why this ban was imposed, but I always believe in second chances. I’d say unban or reduce the ban as a perma ban is for extreme circumstances.

i delayed round end so i had more time to complete objectives, then an ick ocker revealed my location and antag status, then i stopped, then my lungs & liver got deleted by admin so I died, and then i got permabanned without warning. i was never once admin messaged or “bwoinked” @superdork55

Well, Deb’s missing due to IRL stuff. Brought this up to council.

TL;DR Unbanned but I really fuckin’ hope I don’t see or hear about you doing a fuck up of this caliber again, or i’m personally permaing your arse.