Fighterslam Admin Report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Svej_ak

Your Discord: Gosha

Offender’s CKEY: Fighterslam

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09-14-2021

Round Number: 32681

Incident Description: I, warden Ollie Big’O, process a prisoner. He admits to premeditated murder. As we discuss wether he prefers perma or ll I let my guard down, and the prisoner breaks out, grabs a rifle off a counter in brig and tries to kill me. A secoff comes in to help. We subdue prisoner again, sec rightfully so trashtalks me a little for allowing this to happen, heals the prisoner, takes them away to perma. He goes into a cell with unarmed said prisoner already in orange suit, and the prisoner breaks out again. I hear ‘help perma’ in comms, rush there, and arrive as on my eyes that prisoner lands a final unarmed blow on secoff killing them. I subdue the prisoner again, beat them up. I intend to have them killed, as even permaing them proves to be very dangerous. I get him into execution chamber, and buckle to the chair. He is bleeding and barely concious. I know I can not have them dead without permission, so I head to brigmed for heals, and comeback with them. I stop their bleeding, and get to brute patches. Here is where my issues starts. Fighterslam bwoinks me, and starts berating me about execution SOP.

  1. There was no classical “hey, got a minute”, which I believe to be more than a meme - you really outta make sure the players is not drowning in shit, unless they are, say, actively delamming sm or sth.
  2. I am being talked to as if I already executed them. As I point out that im healing them at this very moment, which I visibly do, I get condescendingly told “yeah sure, you took him to execution chamber to heal”. Wtf is this attitude.
  3. Afaik having prisoner in execution chamber does not violate SOP. If it does, well, SOP is not applicable to a man who just murdered my secoff bare handed. If I would have executed them, since im a warden, the issue MAY be handled IC (doesnt have to but I believe should) unless I fried their brain. There is plenty of IC options to handle this, from demotion and revival to executing warden for murder and ERT. This is not a situation where you need an urgent bwoink drilling someone on Space law in the middle of handling prisoner.
  4. The handling of this ticket alltogether riled me up extremely hard. The exchange took 5 if not more minutes. We already had a very incompetent clowning HoS. The lost time and nerves kicked me out of the round, and as HoS was not doing anything of use I had to try and keep track of the situation on the station and coordinate officers, because the ‘heat level’ rose quickly. One of the worst warden rounds I experienced.

There were no staff conduct broken as far as I can tell, but few things I believe should’ve been done:
Do not accuse people of misconduct ‘you think they were to perform’, especially when there is evidence (me healing the prisoner) against it.
Unless its dead urgent, ask if its timely.
See if the issue should be handled IC. I would rather have 20 LRP names in my PDA than talk to gods on mrp server.

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There’s more I could say about your own ticket conduct, but I’ll keep it brief since it’s not really my position to resolve these.

This one’s particularly silly. He didn’t even open up with a long initial bwoink like I sometimes do, all he said was this
What gives with the prisoner in execution?

and the rules cover that situation anyways
Give the admin a quick "Just a min" or something if you're unable to immediately respond to a bwoink.

If you’d just said that, taken a minute to collect yourself and then given him the context behind your actions in one message, he probably would have just said one thing and closed the ticket. Conduct goes both ways and no one wants to deal with long tickets, we all just ideally want a clear response that lets us resolve it quickly.

This is a fair point. Also I opened this salt mine on as far as I can tell, no actual rules broken by admin, so I would welcome feedback on my misconduct in the exchange.

I think it’s mostly just that your messages were short and defensive.

Your first response was
im not executing him yet, sheesh
and then
look at the meds i brought

To me it looks like fighterslam fairly quickly assumed that you were gonna be difficult and approached the rest of the ticket as such. His first response was
I see. So you brought the prisoner to the execution chamber.. to heal them. Which is just saying “yeah I don’t fuckin’ trust you bro.”

What admins want imo is a direct message with the context and details of what you’re doing. Something like I stored him there right after he killed an officer in perma, he's been extremely violent beforehand too, im gonna heal him and try to get auth to execute would do.

It might not seem like much but it doesn’t paint you in a bad light and it means he doesn’t have to keep peeling details out of you which no one wants to do. I think every admin does this to a degree, nice players get treated better, and the inverse applies too.

Especially for sec tickets investigating them is the worst.

It isn’t relevant to your bwoink but, consider dropping barely concuous dying prisoners straight jacket cuffed in perma cell instead of execution room. Only real reason to execute a prisoner is when they are hard or impossible to contain, dying traitor isn’t hard to contain as far as i know.