Fighgter slam gone

@fighterslam is the big gone

he said he was going to the 7 11 for some cigarettes, like my dad did a couple years prior

he’s followed my fathers footsteps because i’ve seen neither of them again

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i am permabanned
i have not decided if i’m leaving discord but
this is goodbye for… probably a few months.
i’ll probably be back, but it is a permaban after all.
people hate me. we’ll see in due time. farewell, beestation. i’ll come back soon, ya hear?

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Chill out it’s only been a day.

Eh, your ban appeal still hasn’t closed, so I wouldn’t call out yet.

Not to mention that I’d be surprised if even half the server disliked you. Start max capping departments at random every round for that.

Everett is gone?
Honestly everett I don’t think people hate you if people did then mark wouldn’t have given you so many chances
I wouldn’t go pAI every round in Hope that you install me
People wouldn’t be bragging about how good of a RD you are
And from what I’ve read on the discord people there like to talk to you
I hope you get over this slump everett and decide to come back :heavy_heart_exclamation:

everett is gone