Felix Admin Feedback

For shame, having no Felix feedback

I can’t speak for his admin abilities as had no experience

But can speak for him as a player, a very chill guy I’d met him few times as smokes-with-caution
My first actual experience with him was when I was a talking sword being held by Chaplin and he was worshiping him, station went to shit and both he and Chaplin was eradicated, every time he teleported away he came back every time to help the dying Chaplin, and when people tried to steal me, he was there to stop them, he gave his dying breath to tell a player to carry me to evac, which player then used to kill him

He’s a good guy, and my meta friend, I would stop what I’m doing and try to save him/revive him if I hear he’s in trouble

Great guy

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he’s cool

except he always bwoinks me and then finds out i’m completely fine and not in trouble

i’ve been bwoinked over 20 times by this guy but not once have i actually gotten in trouble

he also seems to not take my ahelps seriously so i just stopped ahelping when hes online

he’s cool but he’s got some flaws.

Bad mouth the Felix?
Meta grudge time

he’s a cool guy.
i’m providing feedback.
i think he’s good though.
just providing my feedback.


Gotcha, I’ll try and check logs before bwoinking now and please don’t hesistate to ahelp. It might seem like I don’t take tickets seriously but to be completely honest I do.

He is big furry boomer…
Kinda chill doe