Felinids eh?

Remember when there were less felinids?
Remember when there were no felinids?
Jesus christ why do we even have felinids? Their only redeeming quality is that you can laserpoint and annoy them. Who thought felinids are a good addition to the game? Fucking felinids.

  • Felinids suck
  • Felinids really do suck!
  • Oh, i agree
  • I am a catgirl

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All my homies hate felinids. Remove felinids. Make everyone spawn with a chocolate injection in their backpack. Cut their fucking tales off. Sever their kitty ears.
Did you know that despite making up… Half of the mrp server population, felinids commit 99% of all ERP acts? Whats up with those statistics i wonder?

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Felinids appear more often because of mrp, which attracts rp centric people who are redditors. Redditors have a low IQ so they play as nonhumans to satisfy their horny needs

dunno, man, even if felinids got removed, there’d still be a lot of fetish content left, take moths for exaple jk jk unless? :flushed:

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Honestly never got the moth horny experience. All i seen is that moth people tend to be a lot more friendly and peaceful, albeit i dont play them nor do i see them that often. Are they nearly as bad as felinids?

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Moths are horny

horny evidence: Moffs Not So Friendly As i Thought (Ban Apeal)

Moffs best.
At least 20 moffs.

Damn, moths are horny too? Cant trust any xeno these days. Soon plasmemes and ipcs will too go to horny jail.


I hate how moths were defiled. I miss playing moth because it was different and rare instead of degenerate.


Moths bad

20 dead moths


Goes for anything on the internet tbh

Mr. Snuggles Worth

Mr Snuggles Worth Loves Me

please stop posting irl photos of yourself with weird captions, it’s creepy and unwanted

Smh, no color, how depressing

I am 100% sure this photo will be used against you and photoshopped, I guarentee it. Why are you constantly posting things like this? What makes you think this is a good idea? It’s creepy


As if I would be offended by that? I’m purposefully making the face and sharing it on my own volition. It’s supposed to look bad that’s the point. Besides as self-absorbed as this may sound I highly doubt anyone who would bother doing that looks any better than me or would even dare show their face in compared to mine. Afterall there is a reason why I’m a former model and they are likely incels hiding in a dark basement.

Let them cast their stones in their glass house.

You literally get offended by somene having a gender you dislike… again for the last time, shut. The fuck. UP. Literally no one wants to see your photos nor did they asked for them.


After a date do they kiss you or ask to shake your paw?

what… even

what the FUCK are you talking about

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