[__fearchan__] banned by [Ro5490]


Admin’s CKEY: Ro5490

Ban Type: Perma

Ban Length: Perma

Ban Date (2023/01/26/):

Round ID: 35831

Ban Reason:“got themselves purposely cured as Romerol zombie, then cryo’ed”

Appeal Reason: I didn’t know that I was still alive, that was the whole reason why I ghosted; I wanted to roll for a ghost role/mid-round antag/sentience potion/whatever

Additional Information: As soon as I joined the round, I headed towards the bar and I heard a zombie. Stopped to look, and John Smoke started shoving me around and attacking me (harm intent) in the hallway, knocking me down. The zombie then attacked me, but before I could run to med, John Smoke beat me into crit. I came back as a zombie (it’s been a while since I’ve played zombie, didn’t know you had to be evil; I’ve seen friendly zombies before so I thought to continue with that gimmick. John Smoke said in LOOC that I HAD to be evil, so I assumed he was trying to get me to bite him so he could get an antag role. I told him to fuck off, and I tried to find my way to med (I always get confused on the Fland Map). I went to sci and tried to break in to get someone to help cure me, and the AI told me to go to med to be cured. Went to cargo and bit someone (because, according to John Smoke, it was against the rules not to be evil). Went to med to try to find a cure, and Jimmy-Eats-Apples (can’t remember the name exactly), tried to arrest me, and proceeded to harass me about being a zombie when I told him multiple times that I was going into med to find a cure (I told AI that he was trying to kill me while I was trying to get cured)

I overheard someone in Med say they weren’t sure they knew the cure for Romerol zombie (I didn’t even think a cure was possible, like I said I’ve rarely played zombie), and I attacked Jimmy with my zombie claw (cuz apparently I had to be evil), and then he shot me multiple times until I crit–I SAW the crit notice, and thought sec was allowed to crit zombies. Assuming that I was fully crit (and unable to come back to life again as a zombie), I typed in “ghost” in “talk” on accident, then as the command to ghost, so I could get a ghost role.

Med then revived me, and I saw that they had revived me so I tried to go back into my body. No luck, since I had been in crit and manually ghosted, and it wouldn’t let me re-enter my body. I exited out of my game, considering I was dead and I had to prep a quick dinner anyway. Got dinner in the oven and came back to see if there were any cool ghost roles, and it said I was banned.

Just really frustrated and confused, considering I had asked for help from an admin about John Smoke beating me to death in the hallway while I tried to go to med for my zombie bite in the first place, and no admin was on to respond. Kinda funny how admins magically arrive and ignore my issue with someone I thought may have been self-antagging to get a zombie role, but they jump on the moment I am critted and ghost. I JUST got back into the game after months of trying to get back on my feet, and I hadn’t been back on Bee at all since my last ban (and that was back in March of last year, I think?)

none of my text appeared, that’s great. i edited it, so hopefully no one jumps down my throat about another mistake hahaha

Thanks for the explanation.
Romeral zombies are different from High-Functioning zombies, and are actively hostile to crew.
Please keep that in mind in the future ^-^

Appeal Accepted