__fearchan__ banned by Bastian

Admin’s CKEY: bastian (idk?)

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: ALL TIME

Ban Date: idk lol

Round ID: idk lol

Ban Reason: According to Bastian, I sent “gay porn in ahelps”, when in reality I wanted to try to make him laugh, and I sent him poorly drawn hentai as a JOKE

Appeal Reason: i mean i guess i’m getting banned for not having the same sense of humor as someone? if someone sent ME a shitty drawing of Tony the Tiger, I would find it hilarious because it’s NOT SERIOUS??

i didn’t send multiple messages, and i didn’t send him “gay porn”. i google searched for something like “tony the tiger meme”, and found something that made me laugh.

a permaban is a little extreme, and i’ve been off the server for a couple weeks now, maybe even a month or two?

Ban Date: idk lol

Round ID: idk lol

It being a server ban means you can just look up the information on the bans list on the site

Try again.

As a wise man said one time:

Play dumb game, win dumb prizes.

Maybe not a perma but I’d have slapped a ban too.

You can literally try and connect to bee and it will tell you both the ID and the ban date. or literally look it up here BeeStation - Bans

Round ID was 9427, ban date 2019-11-23.

Though I’ma quote it again: You played a very dumb game and won a very dumb prize. And It’s been a month and a half-ish since ya got banned.

I’d say unban but god I still wanna keep quoting it.

This is the second appeal you made, I’ll link the old appeal:

This one seems a lot more orderly and they were made at the same time, I’m going to close the other one and direct conversations here.

i mean it’s not my fault we don’t have the same sense of humor

and that quote doesn’t make sense at all, whoops. if i had sent the picture WITHOUT asking Bastian about his day, then yeah, it would make sense.

i guess i’ll walk you through the situation since you guys are making me sound like a master criminal lol

i pinged the admins asking how their day was going. Bastian was the only one who replied. this is the usual, as i’ve asked admins about their days and whatnot a handful of times before. usually Bastian was the only one to reply, sometimes Rue would too.

in this situation, Bastian said that he wasn’t feeling well, and that he wanted a meme to laugh at.

naturally, i looked up something that would make ME laugh. my friends and i all have dark and gross senses of humor, so i guess it’s my fault for assuming that someone else would get a kick out of something so retarded.

i think i searched something like “tony the tiger bara” and picked the most ridiculous and the most poorly drawn image i came across. i sent Bastian the link to the google image search, expecting a “bruh” or a “oof” or something dumb like that

he permabanned me, claiming that i sent ALL THE ADMINS “hardcore gay porn”.

it was a picture of a giant Tony with a bowl of cereal–it was nsfw, but he was just standing there in all his bara glory.

but hey at least i learned not to try to make the admins laugh.

Rue can confirm it was not that. It was tony the tiger hentai with his dick out, and next to Sulley with their dicks out. They were asking if Mike was ready for his birthday present. No cereal bowl in sight.

hmm so i forgot exactly what shit picture i sent hmm

seems like i was really sending you some serious hardcore shit hmmm

what’s really golden is that you took it so seriously.

you really looked at that monstrosity (pun intended) and thought “HARDCORE P O R N !!”

bwahaha and as we speak we have someone in the Discord discussing how much they’d charge someone else for FNAF inflation art

to quote the wisest, most prophetic man in history, Owen Wilson,


I don’t see him claiming that anywhere. Not discord, not this forum post.

Though it kinda is your fault to send NSFW stuff (meme or not) to an admin via an ahelp when you literally have a virtually infinite ass catalogue of memes to choose from, innit?

Hell, you could’ve asked him if he was fine with certain type of memes, not everyone is a fan of NSFW memes or Jojo memes or whatever one may enjoy.

something something humor is subjective, but also there’s a place 'n a time for everything.

Also you decided to send NSFW to an admin that’s not of age, bruh.

Funny, the ahelp he showed me wasn’t you sending him a google link (as in, not literally straight out of google) but to a hentai website.

Maybe ya did google search it and went straight to the source, but it wasn’t a google link at all.

That was me and I was also joking, I also asked ‘how much of a discount will you give me for art that doesn’t involve a cyborg bear shoving an airhose up his ass’.

But yeah I agree that Bass is being a bit of a whiner about this, and I don’t really think headmins should be upholding this. A permaban for a long term player sending an admin an ahelp with tony the tiger hentai is really extreme and unfun.

This is actually partially Bee’s fault, since admins are expected to view and remove NSFW content.

I’m not in favor of a perma. Dunno where ya got that from.

literally no where does it say that Bastian isn’t an adult.

why do we have a kid as an admin for a game with adult themes??

anyway, i apologize for the mess. i won’t send you guys anything anymore; this whole fiasco proved to me that nothing good comes from trying to be friends with admins

Me when the entire solution to this was to just mute him from ahelp for the round then cluwne him 40 timea and then make his body be a publix display of shame

Fuck it, I’ll remove it. Don’t do it again.

Why would that matter anyways

The admins are gay sexers which is morally wrong

hello sebastian dclclrcn.