Fearchan banned by archanial (lol)

Title: CKEY Banned by Admin CKEY

CKEY: fearchan

Admin’s CKEY: archanial

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Game

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-09-22 00:33

Round ID: 21637

Ban Reason: “no erp” (LMAO)

Appeal Reason: poly said something VERY inappropriate earlier the round, something like “that’s the last time I cum in my hands and let the rats lick it clean”, and everyone laughed and had a good time.

this is obviously something Poly learned, so i wanted to test an idea. i went to CE’s office and pulled down the shutters and went into my holodeck, and I spammed some dumb shit like “eat my ass daddy”; it didn’t work obviously, so I left CE’s office.

i guess this counts as erp lmao, speaking via holodeck to a mob after said mob said something inappropriate

Additional Information:

why am i the only one getting in trouble for making dirty jokes? earlier today, people spammed messages about cum, rape, and sex, and it’s okay. the same thing happened last night; people made dirty jokes in comms as well as in ooc.

i’ve even seen a couple admins tell dirty jokes over ooc, and everyone is okay with it.

i wish you’d at least be fair when banning people for this.

I banned someone yesterday for something really similar so I don’t really see how “unfair” I am.

Poly saying cum joke is not excuse to spam [REDACTED] about 40 times.


so all the people spamming “cum zone” to me earlier today was fine, then. that’s okay?

all i wanted was to test to see if Poly could learn a new phrase by repeating it next to him; i didn’t send it over comms, i didn’t send it on ooc or a pda message. no one else heard/seen it; the shutters were down in the ce office.

i haven’t erped, and if i wanted to, i would go to Skyrat or something.

edit: and when i saw it didn’t work, i left. and why are admins allowed to make dirty jokes then? i’ve seen Perished make adult jokes in ooc, and he’s not punished for it.

if ur saying u won’t do it again…then why perma for this? WHAT. IS. THE. POINT.


of course i’m not going to do it again; i don’t go out of my way to break the rules and ruin everyone else’s game.

i enjoy playing on the server and i understand why i was banned, i’m not saying what i did was okay. i’m just stating that i wasn’t erping, and that if it was actual erp, it would’ve been, yknow

with a player and not a fucking mob lol


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or at least be fair when you ban people lol

Perished gets to make dirty jokes on ooc :thinking:

i don’t see how it was unfair tho. seems standard unless u have some concrete evidence that archanial hates u

it’s unfair because so many players make dirty/inappropriate jokes, and i don’t see any of them on the ban list

earlier today while i was playing AI, someone spammed me messages on my PDA saying “enter the cum zone” and “cumcumcum”, and nothing happened, even when i ahelped

admins will also make dirty jokes in ooc, which is supposed to be against the rules

People make dirty jokes, but you went too far.
quote from the rules:

No erotic content is to be posted OOC or IC as the server contains minors. This rule is a zero-tolerance rule and will be met with an unappealable permanent ban from both servers.

how is saying “eat my ass” to an npc bird going too far?

when no one else saw/heard the message?

dchat exists.
You can’t argue that “eat my ass” x40 isn’t pushing the rules against their limits and is not erotic content.

it was a joke. i get permabanned for spamming some dumb shit to Poly? what if i would have said, “suck my dick, dumb bird” after he said something stupid?

why is it okay for people to spam me lewd messages, then?

probably because they didn’t do it 40 times and didn’t abuse game mechanics so the game would repost their lewd message?

uh, actually the guy who spammed “enter the cum zone” to me did it 40x, i had to mute my computer because i was tired of the alert noise that i got. had an admin actually addressed my ahelp, or cared enough, they would have banned the player.

it sounds like you guys just pick and choose who to ban for this, because the admins get to nake dirty jokes without an issue, as do a handful of other frequent players.

i understand what i did wrong. im a usual on the server and i don’t cause any trouble, other than a handful of notes/bans i’ve gotten over the 2 years i’ve been around.

why am i getting permabanned for a dumb joke i was testing on an npc?

I mean you also called it “daddy” and demanded it commit the act slowly so I mean

of course you’re going to take issue with anything i have to say, you don’t like me lol

anyone else can spam sexual shit, but when i do it to Poly, who said something sexual in comms anyway, it’s a huge issue

Typical case of an internet janitor taking action which nobody asked for, banned a guy just to stroke his own ego and ruined everyone’s fun.


i’m sure the deadchat saw the “ENTER THE CUM ZONE” messages too but yknow

frick me i guess

I’m not 24/7, go make player report. You got perma banned as per our “zero-tolerance policy”.