Fastmos Moment

Opened a mining outpost capsule. It contained a small hurricane.

Large plasma fires tend to completely destroy fastmos server-wide.

On the station, even when they end up encompassing most of it, they are still several small, contained fires. On lavaland the fire reaches such a size that the server atmo processing completely seizes up.

Atmos system breaks down easily, make a 1x1 room with flaps on one side and light it on fire. The fire will never stop and atmos will just stop processing on it.

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Definitely not a perfect system, but I’ll still take its set of issues over Linda any day. Linda is terrible when it’s working right

Those pictures pretty much sum up why I’m not a fan of fastmos

But anyway, I know we’re too far gone to ever go back from it so let’s focus on solution cause its not the first or last time weird shit happened on lavaland and its hard to deal with it

Can someone who’s wise in a ways of code tell us how big of a deal is actually reseting all lavaland tiles to their intended atmos resource wise? Would that be possible or would it kill a server? Maybe we could make it so each ash storm clears all lavaland tiles from their current atmos and puts the intended one (Or at least the tiles that have gas composition different from default, I imagine limit that reset to tiles that are actually different would optimize the process)? To make it not choke the server by making so many tiles change their atmos at once maybe ash storm effect could actually work like holofan so tiles won’t affect each other while reseting and we could limit how many tiles get reseted at once, simply tweaking ash storm duration long enough to bring lavaland atmos back to norm dozens of tiles at the time, working its way until all are as intended.

Just throwing an idea out there, I’m not a coder, I have no idea if it could work or it would crash the server with every ashstrom

How hard would it be to take Baymos?

How does their atmos work?

I honestly couldnt explain without well…showing you in-game.

Ok so you know Monstermos? Mix that with no gas miners, having to manage all the tanks and their pressure and temperature, and having to make sure you seal ALL breaches immediately and arent flooding the ship with an odd superheated mix.

It makes plasmafloods a lot harder. But its sorta nightmarishly complex. And i love it.

Lack of gas miners and working on closed loop system is almost word for word what I had in mind when I was complaining about current state of atmos in rant thread
Guess I should give Bay a try

Kinda disappointed this thread didn’t get more attention, was hoping to get some feedback on my idea of dealing with issues on lavaland and to hear other suggestions cause I have seen messed up air there multiple times so that is an actual issue

i still have yet to see atmosians successfully deal with the aftermath of a single plasma fire.

I do it all the time. Stationwide, no. Several rooms, easily.

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