Famous and Infamous Security Players + Feedback

Talk about that officer/warden/HOS/detective/brig phys you really love/hate, or just self-insert yourself.

Shout out to:

Mars as Officer/Warden
Peach Blossom as Brig Physician/Officer
Pets-The-Borgs as Officer

Good seccies I’ve played with, my preferred go-to team as HOS.



okay if he gives hats/10


lol, at least Pets-the-Borgs is decent

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When you can’t play anymore because you got a life so no one mentions you :fearful:

Bruh, who is this salty ass bish who flagged me. Show your face coward and tell me eye to eye if am wrong about those players lmao.


Its probably the wrangling part

You used a denomination of r word


after 30 minutes?

I love those they are so cute, i just see them and remember how i started, so naive, clean and pure of powergaming.
Edit: i dont even kill or cuff those if i recognise them as newbies, i just stun them and do my thing in piece.


Time for dishonourable mentions!

Nancy Druid: Pain in the ass from both an administrator and security perspective. Keeps using lethals to arrest people and harmbatons like there’s no tomorrow.

Shitcurity Officers: In general, the officers that harmbaton 4noraisins, use lethal weaponary and Bruce Magnum the captain.

Neutral Mentions:

Velvet Pinkawalt: Somewhat robust, though I dislike their thirst for shotguns. By no means shitsec… just a bit cringey in both personality and overall behaviour.

What about me? :flushed:

Security on mrp are the worst, egoistic scums I’ve ever seen. Wardens will gulag you for farting at them and noone will ever listen to you.

When I see pointcare I know security will be extra cringy and steal your stuff as soon as you shove them

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Oof no Liquid Snake, gotta shitcurity then

Poincare, yes?

You’re okay. Not the best, not the worst. Robust enough to be useful, not enough to be a badass asset. Honestly not that bad, I’d like to have you on the officer team when possible.

What about me? :flushed:

You flash too much, other than that you have +for not stealing my shit

I only “steal” (actually i place it into evidence storage) shit if it was used to committ a crime, i don’t know where you get the idea that i arrest people for shoving, i don’t. Maybe only if someone does it repeadelty.

Couldn’t have described myself better than that, also i barely play sec why would you include me

I can bet my left testicle you used to play a lot of sec in the past month. You were quite avarge and i remember seeing your name a lot.

tfw not infamous enough to make list


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