FailedEpic465 Ban Appeal

Discord ID: hemarrhoid#1961

Admin Discord ID: bastian0930

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019/11/27

Ban Reason: Murdered someone for shoving them, left before bwoink. has notes for this. Appeal on

Appeal Reason: I had to go AFK for 2 minutes right after, came back to a ban

Additional Information: This is a little bit of a BS perma ban. This was at the beggining of a round where everyone rushes gloves.

Player comes up and says “who took” reffering to insulated gloves from the vending machine, to which I respond with I bought them. He proceeds to attack me randomly and I essentially fuck him up with a survival knife. I then climb into vent to hide as my parents were calling me, come back not even 2 minutes after walking to the kitchen and answering two questions, to a permanent ban right away. I did not leave the server and was still quiet present. I would like for my ban to be lifted as the guy tried randomly killing me, I defended myself and he cried wolf. His Name is Chat

Italiano Machiatto.

I have also provided some proof of what was going on from my end of the screen.

Wrong category

20 ch

delete pl0x
20 charrrrr

I gave you 5 minutes. You didn’t respond. You also shouldn’t be murdering people for punching once, and shoving.

So in that situation do i just let him shove me into a vending machine, grab a toolbox and let him beat me? After punching me and shoving me into a vending machine I grabbed my knife and defended myself. He shouldn’t be attacking me to begin with thats not how escalation works

Note the non stop part. Were they attacking you non stop? No. At most this could have been a crit and heal, but you made sure he died. That’s the council ruling, btw.

I would just like to point out : He shoved a THIRD time, then stopped to write “AI HELP” when he realized he was losing that fight. He started it, lost, and then ahelped because he lost. Really doesnt seem like action should have been taken

He wasn’t attacking me non-stop because I made sure he wouldn’t. So to get this straight, I am kept on perma ban due to him attacking me, me over defending myself, and him crying about it? Dont punch me and ahelp because you lost a fight you started. I didnt ask him to go for my gloves

Thank you!!

20char rule 20 char rule

I’m planning to lower it, mainly because this is considered the bwoink when you appeal. Just asking admemes how long.

“I didn’t read the rules.”

Admitting to not reading the rules is grounds for a 30 minute - 1 hour ban so that you have ample time to read them.

A good time to read council rulings

I’m lowering it to a week. Thank you for explaining politely. In the mean time, yeah, def read the council rulings

Week seems excessive?

You’ve got multiple bans for shit like this. Another admins also agrees.