Exploration Team Challenge (Impossible)

Can you and your exploration team members leave on a mission sooner than 30 minutes into the round? If you can, you are in the top 0.1% of gamers!

Seriously though, what the hell do people do that takes them so long to set up? I can understand waiting for a medbot or something from robotics but that takes like 5 minutes max.

You don’t even need anything, sure grabbing some extra things can be useful but you can squeak by on the box of warm donk pockets you start with quite easily and once the first mission is done you can subsist off scavenged items and survival pens.

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They’re usually pissing off the engineering department while trying to steal plasma

For the love of Heckland, If I can sort myself for a mission within the 8 minute mark as a solo-explo, no fiddling around with engineering or getting a medibot, just hooking up the engine, bringing aboard a spare canister of plasma and fueling the ship up abit extra with solid plasma from the lathe, then GOD DAMNIT the heck are some of you trying to do?

That’s why when i play Exploration i try to be the ‘‘leader’’ and being proactive because if not people takes ages lol, alternative there’s also players that are new at explo and require some explanation, that could justify some extra time before departing

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