Exploration Job Feedback Thread

Hello BeeStation users… Today i bring up this simple feedback thread for the new job that we are currently test-merging: The Exploration Team (alongside other stuff)

If you, for some reason, are not sure what i’m even talking about you can read all about this on

PowerfulBacon PR: Supercruise Part 2 (part 2 - deconflict edition) - Randomly generated ruins, Infinite shuttle Zs, Economy changes, Partial science refactor, Exploration job.

Remember that if you happen to have found a bug or similar stuff you can go ahead and report them on the Github (falling into the void vortex of numbers and letters for example) otherwise the rest can go here!

In any case… Do you like it? What would you add? What would you remove? Runes suggestions? missions suggestions? here is the place to do that!


It’s a really solid job. I think science has really lacked a core loop – outside of menial low-risk grinding – since forever and giving players an option to massively speed up the research grind in exchange for high-risk-high-reward quests is a great step in the right direction. With some polish, a bit more variety and the incorporation of exploration rewards into other science jobs (like xeno) and/or other departments, it could be one of the best changes to science made, probably ever.

Keep it up.

Favorite part about it is how this is only the framework. People will be able to map out their own ruins or adjust the ones we currently have which has massive potential.


the job is good, but the shuttles are bad, why does the “standard” shuttle have an airlock take up like 1/3 of it’s space when the cargo bay has tinyfans anyways

Make the shuttles be sized somewhere between the corg and delta shuttles, add a mini medbay, cargo(with empty crates), and make them more utilitarian, don’t waste a single damn tile(fuck you corg shuttle, you could cram 3 more rooms into that).

Aside from that, the meta that has developed where you just place a quantum pad on it and just use the shuttle as a movable telebeacon instead of a spacecraft grinds my fucking gears, you’re explorers for godssakes, returning to safety within seconds ruins all suspense and turns it into “fly somewhere, move all the shit to telepad, repeat”

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Beep beep, time for shuttle jousting

I dislike how it is reliant on command.
During low pop on Acacia, an explorer can’t be sure if there will actually be a head to help them turn in objectives.

Basically, it incentivizes tiding into command as a role requirement, which opens a WHOLE NEW can of worms.


Not including the rarity of there being a competent engineer AND a competent Doctor AND a miner who can use their mouse and W key. That’s just a problem in general in low pop.

I shouldn’t have to hold borgs at gunpoint, “Be Miner and get mats, oh and also save the miner we haven’t heard from in 40 minutes”

But that’s just my general gripe about lowpop.

After trying explorer, I thank you for adding AVP video game Colonial Marine campaign

massive pain to deal with on lowpop. took me 2 hours to get BoH

G o o d


Caused a handful of problems because I don’t have enough space to hold gear.

Ended up riding into command as mentioned above and grabbing the cap’s gun.

Also metastation toxins still shoots ttvs into the exploration shuttle

As Baconman intended.

It’s a great job, and it makes departments work together, which is a plus. Unfortunately it is not suited for lowpop at all. You need at least one command member to even think about completing two of the missions.

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Just break into the bridge

Doesn’t that break rules

Any reasonable admin would be like: Oh, No command, they cant do objective, I think they should be allowed to break into the bridge"

it would be nice if you could set your preferences to a individual role on the explorer team so for one you can hopefully choose what job you want and two, most people are fighting for the job so splitting it up where they can only have one slot set to high instead of all three may help.

After some more time with the job, it does get kind of repetitive having to pester the HoP, beg the AI or go full greytide to access your role-relevant department to grab supplies. Giving each member some limited access to their associated department would do so much to speed up prepping for a mission. Stuff like medicine, an inducer and a medibot are nigh essential for an explorer mission to go over smoothly, so having to jump through these hoops for what feels like the bare minimum really begins to grate, especially on lowpop where everyone besides the engineer may not have any way of getting what they need.

It’s much less a rules thing. I’d say it’s more of a critical design flaw.

If any job needs someone with bridge access so badly, but doesn’t have it, you either need to make it so they do not need someone with bridge access or give the job access. (In this case, it is likely going to be a matter of changing how stuff is turned in.)

Some things I have noticed:

You may not have access directly to the exploration prep area. If it is through toxins. This is even with lowpop extended access. (Metastation) I am working on getting the appropriate packages to start fixing this going. Fixed by https://github.com/BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet/pull/5281

The explorer webbing cannot fit many items explorers carry as their kit(gun, scanner, charges, tanks). I fully intend to fix this. Fixed by https://github.com/BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet/pull/5277

I now have a new gripe with this.

Abandoned stations will now randomly disappear if it detects no inhabited bodies/shuttles.
Deleting EVERYTHING there.

It’s particularly annoying if you are the AI trying to mine, get exploration points for nonexistant exploration crew, ASWELL as mats to supplement nonexistant shaft miners, and switch back and forth from your shell to the station.

I think it was Fighterslam(?) online who can back me up.

There’s no supercruise feedback so I am putting this here.