Exploration crew should have SOP addition for combats

I’ve seen explo crews are bwionked by admins when they fight against baddies in a station - considered to be validhunting or something else, I suppose.

But they’re combatants, but also they even take missions to kill/assassinate a person. It’s different than miners. Miners will not get any reason to kill someone as their job, but exploration crews get such missions engaging player combats.
So, personally, I see no issue when exploration crews do vigilantism.

Thus, assassination mission should be removed or they should be allowed to engage in combat by server policy, but should be restricted by SOP or additional server rule so that they shouldn’t use their power to people.


Under the assassination mission doesn’t it say you need to bring sec along with you, as the provided guns are not meant for human harm?

They’re allowed to handle it themselves according to this

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Actually disingenuous, the message you sent clearly states to be careful and security assistance might be needed.

Being a guy who fights a few monsters and can hardly fight a single target as a group of 3, being suggested to bring sec with them, does not warrant you to go grab a gun and fight the baddies by validhunting throughout the station and doing sec’s job.
That’s like saying “miners are trained and can take down ashies or even lavaland base if strong enough, if they can’t validhunt then ashwalkers & syndie should be removed.”

It’s a forced “either we have both, or we have none”, it makes no sense and just sounds like a hastily justified attempt to justify validhunting. Let security do its job, and if you wanna play with toys, go roll sec - there are always slots open.


Is shit FUCKED on station? is it EVERYMAN FOR THEMSELVES? yes feel free to use your explo loot to shoot an alien.

is it just one mildly troublesome traitor? or a changeling? Let sec do their freakin job OR GO GET DEPUTIZED.

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