Exploration Crew rolling antag

Players that role Exploration Crew shouldn’t be able to role antag


elaborate on why not

I second this: every time i’ve had an antag on my crew, its just ended in both explorers being murdered on the first ruin.

Along with the fact that explorers are more likely to get EACHOTHER as targets…

A group of people that spend most of the round away from the station and are almost always together (and are likely to have eachother as targets) is not a good fit for the role.

I believe that the overall quality of the role itself suffers because of this oversight.

RP servers shouldn’t be sacrificing a role with a lot of rp potential and opportunity for “unga me get greentext”

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Explorers are off station get free traitor gear because ruins and basically have to change their job/murder their coworkers because they wont complete objectives easily otherwise. I agree they should be exempt, can also add that especially Incursion doesn’t work with explorers.


Imo they should be able to roll antag, but say, the hypnoflash should be somewhat discounted for the role. Turn your enemys into your allies. Along with, they should have a reduced chance to have explorer crew as targets, but a increased target for shaft miners

You overestimate hypnoflash, plus you would still need them to be somewhere alone with you, unless you are a gigachad hypnoflashing in front of a crowd

I don’t know, I’ve had some really tense moments with antags on explo crew and it’s always been pretty fun.

And unlike in station, if you die as explorer crew in ruins, most of the time theres no one coming to retrieve you, and the traitor that walk away after killing you most likely wont even continue working, essentially starving the station of research and money.


for a case I had once, 2 of us were double heretics. I was sacrificed and the heretics teamed up.
so, a department was easily destroyed.
This is why I described ‘very hard’ on the wiki job page at first (and Bacon didn’t change that after he fixed my description.)

Do we have the framework in place for job-specific antag objectives? Maybe that could be something to make the role more interesting for a round.

You effectively restrict certain objectives people don’t like on explorer by reducing their likelihood or giving them somewhat more unique objectives (ex. sabotage at least three escape pod consoles so they don’t launch, assassinate the HOP and replace them with a cardboard cutout)

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Got an idea from @Spacegoat. I think an explo antag must be a traitor(not to be a ling or heretic) and their objective is always something else than regular traitor’s. for example:

  • Escort VIP to Syndicate
  • Steal Artifact
  • Hack Blackbox’s content before retrieving it to the bridge
  • Send some valuable items acquired from ruins to Syndicate.
  • Siphon 10,000 discovery points with a roundstart antag tool (it is similar to SM operation thing)
  • Hijack the exploration shuttle with overriding the destination by hacking

then they should participate the exploration very well for their antag objectives.

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But a ling make soo much sense for a job like explorer (and station ruin spawn), theyre in dangerous place with limited comms, perfect place for a ling to steal one identity.

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I was one of the heretics, i belive. The other heretic had me as a target, so we didnt really team up after they murdered me.

Asides from that, perhaps some exploration specific tot items or objectives

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Well, Let’s say about Orion Trail. At least the arcade game lets us know there’s a ling among us. I’d like to suggest that someone is replaced at the midround or something went in the team(like VIP ling, or a ling with Charlie Station ID).
Or a ling should try to infiltrate the explo team.

I struggle to win as exploration antag even on lowpop acacia.

That’s true however this is something that i saw plenty of times already where the ling kills both co-workers 10 minutes into the shift(most of the time they do it just… because free kill) and that honestly sucks, when i was a ling i even got one explorer as my kill objective but i did it past an hour into the shift because at the same time i also wanted to explore and stuff, some people have the mentality of MUST SECURE GREENTEXT and kinda miss on roleplay oportunities as well as… being kind to the other player to not remove them fully 10 minutes into the shift

Yep, betrayal just 10 minute into the shift have no rp impact, but being stabbed in the back 1 hour in, thats some spicy shit, and most likely will be a fun memory ffor both party