Excuse me, why was flash resist removed for ling eyes?



cus OP


talking about the ling eyesight ability?

Because this is a bruh moment, because it costs like 2 gene points which is 1/5 if the points you have and seems balanced for it

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Fuck lings all my homoes hate lings remove lings

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Genuinely lings can go fuck themselves.

Lings have pretty much been nerfed to hell, if you still get robusted by one then you should just git gud at this point.


Honestly can’t disagree with that.

I’m really not a huge fan of lings - but the nerfs are a bit excessive.


It really do be changelings suck more balls then people

Wdym clings are still strong af, and the eyes nerf doesnt change that. Like, instead of midlessly murderboning with your handblade actually steal someones identity for once, smh. Literally can become captain without getting your panties in too much of a twist

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Okay, let me rephrase. Combatitively changelings suck now, compared to tator or nukies- or even heretic

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Ehhhhhhhh an endless healing button witha stimpak and non drop esword sounds rather fine to me

Not to mention the stun and emp shrieks.
Stun shriek basically flashbangs all the civilians, whilst emp blasts the borgs and secs guns off. The stun baton is negated using, again, the stim button

the endless healing was nerfed to hell :moyai:

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You need to use during general traversal, not combat. During combat you use your blade and shrieks, which are still boomin :blush:

it still sucks…

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Dunno im happy with it. Not like i take much damage :sunglasses:

So no one has told me why flash resist was removed. I can get behind the ohter ones to an extent but the flash resist should have stayed.

Its a very, VERY good recon ability, which gives you a severe informational advantage over your enemy, so if you are not able to give it up during direct combat, or are bad enough with it to let a person actually catch you offguard, you should be punished.

I made a PR to revert this nerf amongst a few other tweaks which has been open for a month now, bug the maintainers to merge it if anything.

They can already be bested by a stun baton to be fair.