Exact number v.s. ranged numbers

  • Exact number (i.e. 23, 55, 80)
  • guessing from numbers (i.e. 10-19, 50-59)

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They’re going to have how to measure booze power from beer goggles.

and tell me which method you’d like to have from the bartender new feature.
ranged numbers? 10-19?
or an exact number? 80?

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If you’re gonna have it be in rough estimates only, imo it’d be the smartest to have it given words instead
“verry low” “low” “medium” “high” ect

I like the idea of barman knowing how stronk their drink is without having to wiki it
(why the fuck’s a manly dorf stronger than a fringe weaver?)

Personaly i strongly dislike giving players just straight numbers like the booze power
it should be atleast somewhat obsucated like armorclasses instead of straight numbers on the shitty armor tags clothes get


If you’re gonna have it be in rough estimates only, imo it’d be the smartest to have it given words instead “verry low” “low” “medium” “high” ect

at the very first few testing in my environment, knowing booze power like “mild” “light” and “strong” was too difficult to recognise what it exactly means because there were too many measures between numbers. that’s why I decided to use ranged numbers

Personaly i strongly dislike giving players just straight numbers like the booze power

actually, ranged numbers have an advantage than knowing straight numbers. You can get divded number areas and this means you know how strong/light it is.
for example, 55 is too somewhere from empty, while 50-59 is something you can guess it is level 5 drink, in intuitive design.

Hmmm i tried my hand at some names for tiers
it does become rather clunky with so many tiers
i think this is an okay try though

0 none
1-15 verry low
16-30 low
31-45 medium
46-60 high
61-75 verry high
76-90 extreme
91-100 deadly
over 100 GODLY (its only bachus anyways so :shrug:)

or to get rid of the slightly sktechy top 2 tiers do wider tiers still
i think this is relatively fine though for clarity

If you dont like the idea - ranged number is definitley alot nicer than just giving the straight number though.

that’s the problem. words are not intuitive. let’s say high is given, but can you say you exactly know how high it is and what it exactly means?
although words are nice in the flavour aspects, I don’t think it’s good for the gaming aspect.
so, I think I’d likely go to ranged numbers instead of word hints

This is just not true. You can determine from words just as well from a range of numbers how strong a drink is. In fact, I’d argue a player is less likely to know what 80 means on their first time as opposed to “very strong”. Using a wording to gauge it feels more organic too.

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Yea, what ruko said.
You dont need to know what the exact value is anyways.

What you’d be able to tell is that a “low” drink is probabbly gonna be fine, a “verry high” one probabbly will get you blasted and a deadly one might just leave you in the corner with a hurting liver.

“high” or “strong” is… “high” or “strong”
its weaker than “verry strong” and stronger than “medium”

In the end its your PR of course, and maintainer will be the ones that actualy get to have complaints, not me or the general forum folks.
But thats my 2 cents.

Okay, your opinions actually changed my mind to say an exact number ironically.
I don’t want bartenders being puzzled by the booze power numbers.
What I want them about how to play a bartender is that they give a best drink to people, not interpreting how a drink would be.

This is what I would go as the end design. You’ll get the exact number and how it is as a text.

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id like to see witty lines in lieu of light, average, etc like @JOYK1LLZ suggested, so for example something light could be “soft-ish drink” and something high could be “liver pickler” and something above 100 could be “unfit for mortal consumption” and so forth

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do you mean this?


yeah, alot like that, except more terms regarding light weights and drunkards.

0 : safe for work.

1 - 10 : lightweight’s dream.

10 - 20 : Tipsy stuff.

20 - 30 : Flask fillers.

30 - 40 : Stick arounds.

40 - 50 : drunkard’s fixers.

50 - 60 : 3 rounds till down.

60 - 70 : Have Shotgun ready.

70 - 80 : Drunkard’s Challenge.

80 - 90 : Liver pickler

90 - 100 Get to drunk tank.

300 (reserved for Bacchus’ Blessing, swaps between randomly when examined) :
Shift wrecking hammering.
Get new liver after consumtion.
Post consumption support groups exist.
place in Molotov instead.
To stumble and slur, the will of Bacchus.

I think about it and part of me thinks that only 4 or 6 categories of strength measurement should be needed, since most of the bars by default cannot handle more than 4 or 5 arrangements of drinks spread about, while expanding the bar is a good way to make this a non-issue (while simultaneously making your domain look stylish as all hell.) this unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough to need a full range of 11 measurements for drink classification.

Not to mention 2 rounds of 50 units* still put any spess man on their ass if its 20 strength or higher if they down them both.

(*additionally any more than 15 units put into a glass will usually result in various folks NOT FINISHING THEIR GOD DAMN DRINKS! THE UNCULTURED PIGS)


took your idea and credited you


flavour text is now different up to mind role


Cool, folks love little flavor text tooltips, just look at the bungie era halo games with witty lines in the custom games settings, in built map designs and menus.

Not to mention one third of every examinable item in this game has something along those lines so yeh.

I’m currently working on a big ol guide for bartenders who wanna make drinks DAMN QUICK, but it’s taking alot of time because I’m a lazy fug and transcribing the wiki into the graph SUCKS.

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