Ew crigne!

ima be real with you chief the new forums are not vibing

theyre kinda weird to operate imo

They nice
But they not nice same time, I can’t get to the bans easy like used to beeforum is separate site from beestation now
And that’s kinda cringe
Good work whoever did it but i prefer old way

Plus side can add YouTube links

I can add some new links and such in the header. That might help with that. If anyone has any added feedback I’d be happy to hear it. Feel free to message me here or to start a new thread about it in #suggestions

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i like the new forums, except i found a bug where you can’t create a new topic when you are in the ban appeals forum. you have to go to a different part of the forum like the main page or general to make a ban appeal

but it seems to be fixed now?

I didn’t do it
Not me.