EvilDragonFiend, Unknown, shuttle grief

In-game report:

CKEY: Wrill

Your Discord: Wrill#3352

Offender’s CKEY: evildragonfiend, unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Ignites-The-Flamescale, Emboes Jackson

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/25/2022

Round Number: 41490

Rules Broken: R8, Do not grief.

Incident Description: Both of them were firing that bluespace gravity gun thing that flings people around on the shuttle for no reason. This caused a lot of chaos and could’ve killed someone.

Note that there were a few IC factors:

  • It’s been greenshift, and I wasn’t informed of or witnessed any situation raising alert except for a not-very-hostile revenant.
  • So, I printed it for just a toy purpose.
  • Nobody even talked to me stop it.
  • the area was only limited to the escaping shuttle, and I tried to avoid accidentally yeeting people from exit doors.

you never attempted to say “stop!” to me, then insisting it’s a griefing seems too far gone.
and tell me who was killed? the only death scene I saw was Emboes who was fakedeath by nanites.

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Stillll kind if a bad IC reason to start firing a gravity gun on the shuttle home.

yeah I’d agree with it if they were saying my roleplaying wasn’t proper, but I don’t agree with griefing.

I said it could’ve happened, not that it did.

So what? I was meant to sit there and get flung around and injured? You do realise that you were flinging items and dealing damage to people including me, right?

It is a weapon, and from what I can remember it is actually in the Weapons category of science’s lathe.

I believe you know being a weapon isn’t an actual issue in this case, and the actual issue is how it was used. I will just wait for how admins response to this.

The issue is that you’re using a possibly lethal weapon as a toy and firing it around for little to no reason.

Then I’ll stop now too.