Everyone's favourite Problem Slueth

I’m sure everyone remember the detective the good ol mystery solving genius and criminal mastermind at times while being a ultra cop alone shutting down cults and being the bane of stealth antags with his trusty revolver
But now he is literaly a glorified lawyer
For starters detectives main job is to find criminal and get security to arrest them and if the criminals find you first then you can always escape but now not only does detective not have a sec hud his only true non lethal weapon was also removed the baton and his revolver which was always used to intimidate and or self defense is stored behind a access wall

Long story short
All fun aspects or detective are ruined by some coder who probably only played 1 hour as him these changes which mightvr increased roleplay in somebodies twisted mind instead decreased it as the only redeeming quality now is he can find stealth antags who were dumb enough to leave belongings

How to fix
Give detective his shit back,(baton,hud,etc) give him a way to make more spy cameras(those are op) and lastly give him the right to arrest people if sec ignores u for the 50th time (this will require actual paperwork as a downside I’m talking warrant and list of evidence against the perpetrator) this has the potential to not only make detective bust down operations again he could actually function somewhat function independently on a shift with no seccies (stamp his warrant too for extra points as stamps underused)


Don’t know if this is absolutely necessary.

The good Detectives I know are extremely useful, its not just about tools. Its about thinking and Roleplaying.

Bombyx and McCoy come to mind.

Only medal I ever gotten was because I discovered a murderer as Detective, and oversaw the recovery of the victim.

The Detective can be a traitor and is one of the best roles to get it as! If Detectives could arrest they would abuse this power as a traitor, surely.

If you need tools ask the Warden! It’s their job anyways!

But I agree with the warrant thing. But it can still be done, once I was a Warden and Bombyx gave me a FOLDER of evidence so I did what I could to help her close the case!



Well i already posted my feedback on the Original PR that’s being test merged

@PinkSuzuki You actually need tools to do your job properly, obviously i’m not talking about a roundstart revolver or the semi-useless baton, but losing the sechud is a big miss and most det players are gonna just ask for one roundstart. If anything there should be an attempt to give some extra tools to investigate like having the option to get a disguise set.

I also think losing the forensic scanner will affect the low-pop shifts a lot, even if it’s in cargo, i’ve also gave my fair reasoning on GH because officers/HoS no longer use it and disregard the detective completely compared to months ago when the PR was made.

I need to personally play it on a high-popround to see how it plays out and give a more proper feedback so i’ll add a comment later, in any case best feedback is also to post on said GH or in pr-discussion on the discord.


Holy shit I didn’t know about the PR, since there was no link to it on the original post.

My god is it YUCKY.

I made a mess. I agree with keeping things are they are. Jeesh.

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McCoy’s actually planning on dropping detective because of the whole nerf. Like I’m worried he might even stop playing on the server because he primarily mains detective as his characters. It really just sucks.


How exactly is a baton necessary for detective work?

It’s a decent self-defense tool tbh, and fits with the detective aesthetics.

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I mean, they already get a wooden baton, a revolver and a pepperspray don’t they? Why do they need a full baton?

That’s exactly what the PR is removing, the wooden baton.


As players what power have we to stop this PR?
I don’t like it. You don’t like it. Let’s just… Veto it or something!!!

The simplest way to describe what you have to do is convince maintainers that the “Why it’s good for the game” section is wrong in some way.

Is any part of this inaccurate to you? If so, address it within the PR rather than a forum thread. Make your points without presenting bias, without making personal attacks or insulting anyone. Logic speaks to coders, but emotionally charged responses are likely to get you swept aside.

You code something that adresses the flaws outlined by coders and maints and admins with detective.

The codebase is ruled by contributors, not players.

This just sounds like you want to play a secoff with less restricting rules that can preemptively spy on people (valids) and just go disable them if they feel like it.

That’s not happening, just go play sec.

A country is ruled by its politicians, not its citizens, yet we vote on matters.

I’m not a coder, I can’t code. But I think such changes should be made to the benefit of the players, the majority who play. Being that the minority, the coders, should work in the best interest of the player base.

This is not my war because I don’t play detective, and I don’t know exactly what these problems are, but I don’t think this is a suitable solution…

I would also like to note that, regarding the scanner, I dislike that for the following reason:

Every time someone has their job changed they should have all the items required to fulfill their new job in their workspace. It’s impossible to job change into chaplain, this would make it very uncomfortable to job change into Detective. Because you now have to wait on cargo for the most important tool for your job!

This is just one thing I realized just now.


With the neutral post out of the way:

Detective absolutely does have problems where it sits, and most (but not all) of them are rooted in the fact it is eligible to roll antagonist in my opinion. It attracts the wrong kind of players due to its unique combination of unnecessary access, armor and weaponry, none of which are directly related or necessary for the role detective is intended to fulfil on the station.

The intended role of detective is to be an investigator. Not an officer that arrests, not someone that is ready to shoot hostile agents, but instead the person who informs security and helps direct them.


I’d believe removing antag permission from det would be a more suitable solution!!

Yeah huh, this is a free videogame created and maintained by people with their free time. Nobody was elected and you don’t pay taxes

There’s no morals or justice here, it’s just how the world goes.

The people that consume aren’t the one that create, and I’m not saying to not just bite the hand that feeds you, but that the only reliable way to have change occur is to create yourself or at least try to.

Consuming from the sideline while screaming will only at best make people give up, and if you achieve that, then you have no free game.

While I do strongly agree, unfortunately the battle to reverse detective antag eligibility is lost :pensive:

It doesn’t completely address the problems anyway, it only ensures people trying to be gamer antags stop queueing up for detective. We would still have issues with detectives majorly over-extending beyond what they should be doing and signing up for.

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I’ve been a victim of this problem before. Had to report a detective for this very reason.

Yet I still like to believe in the goodwill of people…

The thing is everyone here tells me that unless you remove a tool that may be used to break the rules it will be used to break the rules.

Which is a shame… Because I like to believe people will learn and stop being like that. I’m wrong every day.

What specifically are you upset about being lost and why?

The detective’s revolver is still available, it’s just been given the same treatment as the captain’s laser for similar reasoning. It’s still accessible after a threat has been established (assuming it wasn’t stolen, but leaving it open to be stolen is directly intended)

I think the loss of the baton is a bad idea probably. It was a self defence tool. Detective is still a part of security and has a target on their back for any traitor who wants to cover their tracks. Leaving them entirely defenceless on green alert is a bad call. Even then, once it turns to blue they’ll have a revolver but still no wooden baton. I think that’s taking a step backwards. The goal should be to make firing shots the last call and removing the “leg sweep and run” tactic in favour of “Die on green, shoot on blue” is not a good change.

In general I think removing things outright is a bad call. Removing parts of the detectives offensive kit without adding something in its place to encourage detecting just goes to reduce the amount of people playing detective. Id much rather see Detective lean into some of the gimmicky gadget things for investigations introduced with the spy camera pocket protectors. Honestly porting half of Goons detective gadgets would satisfy me