Ever wanted to be a based admin?

Then start by allowing people to use EVERYTHING they can get from their uplink (like syndie bomb), and stop allowing malf AIs plasmaflood the station everytime anyone/anything says the letter ‘M’.

Based admins do not exist because there is always people salty at admins

Well you can always at least try to be based and follow what I said

even if you do literally nothing there will be people salty at you for doing nothing

it’s wild

mfw (my face when) someone calls me unbased (really bad moment I don’t enjoy this at all!!!:angry:)20200809_032641

You know what’s fun? The panic when you hear beeping from maints and call out that there’s a bomb near your department and then frantically you:

  • Run away
  • Try to remove the bomb
  • Try to disarm the bomb with a 50/50 failure chance

Makes a great distraction whether the bomb was successful or not

You know what isn’t fun?

  • Maxcap go brrr
  • Removing bomb payload to bypass the chance to disarm
  • Being otherwise instantly exploded without warning

Can’t have the first group without the second right now.

admins after someone calls them based

admins after nobody calls them based in 2 hours

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