Events and gimmicks for Sage

That’s right event ideas for MRP!

Think of creative ideas,events and little miscellaneous stuff that could be introduced to a normal shift in sage and would be a great little addition to the atmospherics and make things more interesting. Keep in mind no midround antags or things that would constitute adminbus. Like AKA dropping a crate with lmgs in the cargo shuttle and then doing a CC announcement about it.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • No adminbus
  • No midround antags or giving out angas
  • Things that would force a shuttle call or similar.

Get creative!

Spawn a group of inspectors with the task of inspecting the station and telling the crew how to improve.

The give each inspector a contradictory secret objective, like “You must always contradict Inspector X” or “Bog down the inspection in as much paperwork and bureaucracy as possible”.

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Throw a surprise birthday for a crewmember! Ask their coworkers and service for help with preparations.

Gordon Ramsay is visiting to taste the foods and drinks of the station. Have each department engage in a bake off to impress him.

breathes in

Give everyone wizard mid round.

Jokes aside, it would be interesting to see a slightly more magical SS13 shift, since wizard never spawns on sage (Just, for the love of god, don’t give any one “curse of the barnyard” that spell is obnoxious). Maybe give everyone some spells, or a spell book with less points and wizard robes.

Maybe a shift that mostly takes place on lavaland. Attempts to colonize lavaland, while the ashwalkers and golems do stuff as well. They don’t necessarily have to hinder the colonists, but they should both be on lavaland.

Perhaps an actual race war. AI is on asimov, and the humans are the masters of the station, (AKA, a regular shift on gold) while the non human players are relegated to significantly lower classes, barely above slaves. They can either choose to obey or rebel against their masters.

I had one more idea, but it slipped my mind, and the clown stole my brain, so I have to go retrieve that from him. If I have any more ideas, I’ll mention them when I recover my mind.

lmfao i liked it

20 char

I could change round type but thats about it.
Lavaland colonization is interesting since you can make plants that would slowly make the air breatheable and what not the thing is getting a high enough pop to do it. And race war would be terrible idea

Race war probably wasn’t the best term for it, but the round would probably end up going like revs, (no one likes being a slave) except all the revs are non human, so you’re probably right.

how about something like “syndicate station”
everyone is a syndicate agent and is tasked with protecting the station against a nanotransen nuclear operative team
or maybe make half of the server into ashwalkers and have the goal to make the ashwalker home into a livable fort to protect against the inevitable invasion of the station crew
or how about KSS13 station where the crew wake up on the destroyed KSS13 space rune and have to repair it

The syndicate station idea i had it a while ago, would recquire a new map or ruin for it, ash walker autism fort i like it but would be admin bus so i would need to see with other admins, and the ks13 one is just drones in a nutshell someone needs to port them…

Bro we have drones, and they do spawn on kss13 already. They just got removed from the actual stations

Bastian actually did syndie station once. Issue is, he sent in death squads and didn’t gear us up to withtand them, as well as trying to admin it solo.

Why? Spawn in everyone as traitors, bring in a red ert or death squad, see how it goes

Sounds like lrp level of shitstorm ngl

It was on LRP. Trust me, if it’s anything like the last time, it wouldn’t work on MRP.

Just do what mark has been doing lately, spawning in a crew for the whiteship, it usually goes pretty goodish, it kinda gets dunked on by the less competent crew or the shuttle being called by the stations own issues though.

Interesting but what would the crew of the white ship do doe?

Here are three more bad ideas I came up with
1.Drone Station 13:make everyone on the station a drone
2.Wizard Academy:make everyone a wizard and place them on the wizard academy level with some kind of random objective I haven’t got that far yet
3. pAI antags only:you can in fact make pAI antags

they usually try to fix the ship up and like make a space dock or lavaland dock for the whiteship and run around in spess being spessmen

Terible idea coming upp
Give the Chaplin a construct and a good guy soulstone and tell him to convert the station to his good. (Or depending on his God just normal construct and stone)
Now for an actual idea use baldirs whiteship (I know he has to port it first but still) and do the whiteship gang thing. It has a bigger size than most whiteships and facilities ir space so you can sett upp most departments on it. If miniature versions of them