Event ideas?

Hello, i’m looking for event ideas, something i could possibly run! :muscle: :triumph:
I can never think of anything worth running, so i’m grateful for any input! :clap:


Shipbreaker but for the station. Everyone is given a hardsuit and told to non-destructively dismantle the station. Based on how well it goes everyone gets a beecoin reward!


Meteor Survival, you cannot call shuttle till one hour in.


Miasma cult

202020 gang

  • all of the stations functionality is placed on a shuttle with the captain piloting it. ghost roles take up temporary spots of space merchants, syndicate pirate ships, etc. kind of like barotrauma but in space

  • half life station: the supermatter crystal experiences a resonance cascade scenario, leaving a crater where engineering once was and frying the power grid. portals appear around the station, spawning aliens. centcom agents are sent to steal the nuke disk and blow up the station, covering up the affair.

these are from a previous post but ive always wanted to see these happen in game


this used to be an actual gamemode on baycode servers (maybe tg but i didnt play tg at the time)

it fuckin sucked

lets do it

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Port Dwarf station for an event, survival of the station depends on your grit.

Do you have what it takes?


:skull: it sounds absolutely sadistic lmao, i fear it would turn into another one of those Lavaland survival events :person_shrugging:

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Hear me out. Everyone starts off blind, starting off with an announcement building up eerieness, something about a bright light being spotted from the next star system over, or all the lights going dark, who knows!
Admins can then use this time to setup. Admin secret to break all lights, draw a bunch of signs all over the station saying “DONT TELL THEM YOU CAN SEE” and the likes, then slowly make one or a handful of players regain eyesight (maybe mute them for a sec and make sure they’re next to one of the signs)
Other than that… Maybe spawn nightmares with strict instructions to just hang out unless someone tries fixing lights or get more, with the messages on the ground stating it?
Maybe send in an ert to try and kill only those with sight? I’m not sure how to make it fun tbh


Crusade event?
The station has a holy artifact. A very holy artifact. A religious group wants it so badly that they invade the station to get it. Command/Security/Crew has to defend the artifact for a certain amount of time before reinforcements arrive.
The crusaders could be station crew, ghost spawns, or both.


Sounds like nuke ops with religious and medieval overtones.

that’s not a bad thing mind you, just pointing out that I thought of it.

  • Assistant Ops. Insulated gloves and toolboxes to get that disk
  • Ian turns sentient and gets traitor objectives
  • Nuke disk inspection day: Several CC inspectors arrive unnanounnced to examine the nuke disk. Then when they get inevitably killed another team is sent to investigate their death.
  • The purge. Every crime is legal for 10 minutes. Then everyone has to clean up their griefing the rest of the shift.

please mr adminstrator just run a nations event


Bonus, they got here undercover like an incursion team, in one of their toolboxes is a gas analyser that doubles as an escape pod hack which becomes their ride to the nukie base where the syndie cruiser has been deleted from, they must also break into the base to retrieve the nuke then land the pod back in it’s bay.

Bonus, the back up team sent if the CC inspectors are killed is a short fuse death squad that have their orders adjusted, they can kill anyone only they get within 4 tiles of them, regardless of transparent tiles or if someone disrespects them verbally.

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Oh shit, some of these ideas are awesome, i think i can do the ian one during a normal round too


Obsessed event
-Everyone is obsessed with someone.

Nightmare round
-everyone is an antagonist

Cult off
-Everyone is either a blood cult or clockwork cult and must face off the other cult to see who is the better cult once and for all.

-Event where people randomly swap bodies?

-Monsterous huge bees take over the station by turning people into flowers for sustenance and turn walls into weird beecomb? idk


It’s an unused gamemode here.


Race war. One race is randomly selected. All members of that race are a team of antags trying to kill or exile all members of a second race.

Syndicate Station 13: Everyone who has a possibility of being a Syndicate traitor is one. Syndicate radio channel doesn’t work and neither do code words.

Mirror Station: the map is flipped on the X axis.


I remember seeing syndicate station happen in what I think was a tomato video, EVERYONE of normal staff was a syndie IC, not like they all had uplinks but the station was loaded with syndie loot so everyone turned out super tacti-cool almost immediately.

the antags of the round were an NT agent and an NT hired space ninja, nither of them could handle the covert military installation they had been sent into and the crew made Gorlex proud.

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The station is selected for the NanoTrasen Beautification Program, each department having to renovate and improve their quarters before an inspector/judge arrives. Basically custom shuttle/DIY shuttle but for the whole station. Supplies are air-dropped in via NT pods/storage crates for departments to use, along with more building supplies sprinkled in maintenance.