Event Idea: Super Acquaintances VS League of E.V.I.L

Posted here by request of Archanial

In an effort to reduce station costs, Centcomm has decided outsourcing its security department to a group of second-class superheroes. The thing is, the Syndicate had a very similar idea pertaining to its own agents.


  • All antag roles are disabled

  • All Security Officer roles are disabled, the station will only rely on its heroes while a detective and a warden support their efforts

  • Each Superhero will have its own gimmick which they MUST follow at all times

  • The SuperVillain team will consist of random antag roles which will also have gimmicks which they also MUST follow at all times

  • The SuperVillain team will be handed a series of tasks to complete which will become progressively more bold and destructive, while the Superheros attempt to stop them

  • I honestly dont expect every single member of the crew to behave themselves with the absence of Sec so Superheros are expected to handle the following shitshow WITHOUT USING LETHAL FORCE (Great power and great responsibilities and what not). Villains are fair game though

  • The game ends when either the Villains complete all objectives and escape or theyre killed/arrested. Or when the entire station goes kil idk

Any feedback is welcome


Make the Brig Phys a Neutral Nurse joy who heals both kiddies factions back up to health.


S Tier Idea

20 char sucks