Ethereals need to be able to have antibodies in their blood

What it says on the tin

Remember that massive “coronavirus” outbreak where everyone started a riot at chem? Well I was one of the first infected as Brig Phys, so I made my way to chem and made the super complicated lipollicide. It took a while, and a lot of effort, but I managed to get myself cured. So I rush off to the holodeck to make a vaccine out of my blood and-- “No blood sample detected”. Oof. So it turns out ethereals don’t carry antibodies. I had to wait over twice as long MORE for someone who was cured to come down than it took for me to cure myself, and then it took ages to distribute the cure patches.

Seriously, why can ethereal blood (liquid electricity) not contain antibodies?

why can ethereals get diseases in the first place if their blood is literally liquidized electricity that realistically no regular microbe should be able to survive in?


Well it’s electricity not blood

Same reason blasmen can

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Because it’s a subtype of teslium, to make a long story short

Well, for the diseases to work on plasmeme i think you need to have the inorganic biology trait, possibly the same story with the ethernals?

It’s quite common though, as it have a nice state buffs too.

I may try to make a pr to make ethereal blood like real blood.

This may or may not be part of an ulterior motive i have to sneak some prs into citadel code that make STDs a reality

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Plama men can only get viruses if the virus has inorganic biology, unless beecode changed something. I’m not sure if etherals are like this but I think they should be.


this. this actually makes a lot of sense and adds depth to the game

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