Escaping from permabrig questions

you dun fucked up and ended up in permabrig, Now, this will be split into 2 parts, the rules regarding it, and how to ACTUALLY escape

  1. You fucked up and ended in permabrig, are you allowed to escape? If any antag is in there with you, can you assist them? You both are prisoners, after all

  2. How Do i ACTUALLY escape from permabrig itself

You 100% are on golden (I believe so without question at least), so I’ll be talking about sage.

I personally think you should on sage, it’s natural to want to try to get out perma and it’s to me kind of expected for some kind of escape attempt to at least be plotted. It’s good for RP as well.

RNG, incompetent sec, and having more than just you in perma. Honestly to make a guide to get out of perma would just be a handful of untested plans or idea’s (at least with the baseline conditions of you having no gear) that would work during a lunar eclipse of a blue moon.

Depends. Are you locked in the 2x3 cell without tools and the blast doors are down? You are beaned.

Is the backroom of permabrig open? Destroy some machinery, get a shard, make a spear or destroy the reinforced window with the shard, destroy the grille before you get too much damage ( remember to only use methods that don’t fry you) and then leave through space to the side of the station that is closer to an entrance without ID restrictions.

Are you human, AI is Asimov and you did not harm a human? Ask AI to let you out. The chance of AI letting you out is 50-50 (due to it thinking about how much of a human harm risk you are) but still, a good 50% chance to be let out for free is pretty useful.

A good method is to build a fake wall and hide a space suit in perma BEFORE you start doing the naughty

The general strategy is what dr ape said
Though, important detail imo - grow some ambrosia vulgaris to chew on when smashing the window and espechaly going through space. It’ll help you not die.

That said, i belive the last time i did this grilles didnt shock for thrown items yet so youll likely have a harder time breaking out, may need to heal up before even breaking the grille so you dont die on yer way to arrivals

Question, where does the prisoner go once spaced? He doesn’t have external airlock access and windows are gonna be reinforced and a pain to get to when suffocating, plus arrivals that you can enter is on other side of station.

aha, but thats the ting - the airlocks at arrival where the arrival shuttle normaly docks are NOT acces restricted.
So if you can make it around the station to arrivals, you can get in there
I THINK the same is true for escape, but i wouldnt be 100% sure.

what about luring an officer inside, using the soap to slip and kill them?

Uh yea, that why I noted that they are on the other side of the station. It takes about a minute or longer to do a half loop around the station. How the heck does a orange shirt accomplish this?

ambrosia vulgaris.

im a bit bussy today but i can record a video for yall on it later.
Assuming you manage to be at full health when you step into space - chewing that ambrosia is enough to get you to arrivals

The more you know.

ask the warden for some canned air and make thermite

Use the arcade to get the replica space suit.
it still provides SOME protection

Sec mains really be hovering on this thread


“so no ambrosia… hmm yes… and we get rid of the arcade too?”

I remember when perma was designed to be broken out of, so it wasnt just a prettier round end for folks. It mostly went as @Doctor_Ape explained, but for some reason I remember it being a little bit easier.

Ask for a few basic botanics tools if they’re absent, and grow bluespace tomatoes.

You like to live dangerously.

*teleports into middle of brig nezt to 5 security officers*

“oh hey guys”

Ask for

yeah that’s not happening

since addition of fastmos permabrig escape is much harder than before but basically

  1. make weapon
  2. grow ambrosia
  3. get cold prot clothing
  4. hit window
  5. get sucked into space/electrified grille