ERP IS BAD ban appeal by manu9123

CKEY: Manu9123

Admin’s CKEY: Zeskorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Yes its always for both for some reason :frowning:

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/14/2019

Round ID: 9076

Ban Reason: attempting to Erp via Mhelp

Appeal Reason: I was just joking man

Additional Information: I do that always as a joke with mhelps like bro and now I get the big ban for it , I will try to stop




A joke is funny when most people laugh. You were noted, warned and beyond about this stuff.


Are there actually minors in mhelps

Yep. A handful-ish. Why?

Do you think it’s still justified?

Welp guess ill wait to reincarnate or go to hell

I’m mostly here to watch other admins opinions and to post that doge meme that I love. You went against this rule multiple times. ICly and OOCly by using mhelp.

I still think ya deserve some time out of the server, not permanent per sé but some time.

has history of erp

gets permad for erp

he is 12, and i wasnt there but karen is thicc cut the poor boy some slack

true im just a coomer just leave the ban be perma


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