Erika Parker Player Feedback

I see these done a lot, so I figured I would chime in too.


funny to traumatize, brilliant QM, color codes while colorblind, 10/10

funny to traumatize, great quartermaster, great roleplayer, 10/10

Really enjoyed RP with Erika when I get the chance. Had a good round where she had two obsessed after her when I was doing my first round as sec. They played her character really well and it was super fun to interact with!

10/10 QM, an honor being your techie lol ^^; I adore the character, and they feel very alive, something I personally struggle with when roleplaying

That poor assistant, first he blows himself up then he wakes up cuffed in medbay without a leg begging for his life, all while an incompetent greyshirt was learning surgery on him to give him his leg back, later on you brainwashed him and got him to do “magic”, his staff was THE glass spear I used to break open a med locker to save him in the first place, now he kept casting “stab” on me because I wouldn’t submit to the brainwashing up until I created an underground resistance operation and assumed the identity of a “magical miner” and I got the late joining doctor to fix his brain… But you know what? That didn’t help him at all since he got himself found out as a traitor by you which caused a station wide witch hunt order, don’t know how he managed to evade your apprentices but he ended up in medbay with me, the doctor, and atmos tech Dean, the plan was to get both of them a new identity via plastic surgery but I don’t know how that panned out since I had to go ssd, next thing I know is THAT assistant was getting cloned and he faked his own death, you certainly casted a light spell on that assistant since you clearly brightend his day, good round, shame I couldn’t get the resistance to pull off a last stand on the evac shuttle where we would have an all out fight. Good round.

A newer QM main that manages to be a lot less chaotic and Taylor and I while doing a hell of a job, that’s already a 10/10 from me.

Always super creative with their RP and characters in general, it’s a blast any time I get to play with them, cool person OOC as well :frog:

not me 0/10‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎


Very fun to RP with. Never seen you salt or be mean so you’re pretty awesome in my book.

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