Eric grinder player report

In-game report:


Your Discord:Yuri#0914

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown, No admins where online

LRP or MRP server:Mrp

Offender’s In-Game Name:Eric Grinder

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):11/4/2019
Round Number:8737

Rules Broken: 3. You Must Roleplay 4. Don’t Self Antag 8. No Powergaming

Incident Description:Eric grinder, A latejoiner in the round, Make a durand almost immedietly using up most of our materials, strapped it with weaponry, and ran to go “Kiss the AI” Breaking 3 doors and a wall in the progress before the AI just let him in, He then proceeded to Threaten to shoot the SM with a rocket, which would cause it to delaminate, I tried to stop him by asking him to stop, he wouldn’t, I grabbed an Ion rifle and tried to disable his mech, he then shot me down, and gravely injured the HoP who was trying to drag me away, Later on after I got revived, we got into an argument once again in med-bay, after trying to role-play it out by asking him nicely to step out of the mech he wouldn’t step out, so we shot him with an Ion rife, he proceeded to gun Me, the CE, RD and the captain down in med-bay using his durand.

Additional Information: He was not one of those latejoin antags

shoots someone with ion rifle
expects to not get shot down

well like

when they arent stopping or anything

what the fuck else are you gonna do

He also killed everyone but me and a miner. I was botnis and did not notice pepole had died untill like 20 minutes later as I was shirting though about 300 strange Seend while this was happening and the other one was a miner in space at the time.
But from what I heard he caused the AI to disconnect when he carded it and generaly made the round less fun for everyone.

1.“Make a durand almost immedietly using up most of our materials” you made 2 mechs too
2. I literally kissed him nothing else and i only broke through one wall
3.“He then proceeded to Threaten to shoot the SM with a rocket, which would cause it to delaminate, I tried to stop him by asking him to stop, he wouldn’t,” thats a lie i said i was just kidding and fucked off out of there it isn’t my fault you don’t pay attention to the chat
4.i saw the HoP above engineering and said “hey” and i followed him back to engineering and you immediately started shooting me whit no warning or nothing (what do you expect to happen when you shoot some one?)
5. The HoP didn’t try to drag you away he got the ION rifle and started shooting me too
6.“after trying to role-play it out by asking him nicely to step out of the mech he wouldn’t step out” you said “step out now and we will think about not executing you” i dont think thats a nice way to ask some one to get out but whatever floats your boat

i just shot whoever shot me first the RD did that too and cap was just DC

You confirm everything Yuri is saying whilst trying to spin it as if you are the victim here. You made a security mech and started using it to self-antag. You had no right to kill anyone, they had the right to kill you for self-antagging. You were valid the moment you broke through the AI wall as that made you a self-antag.

I had only make 2 ripleys, One of them Mk II but I realised it was terrible, I was going to use the ripley in combination with the RCD I put on it to further my repair capabilities.

What? I wans’t DC. I tried to help other people by healing them and cloning. I was not there due to making ahelp against you.

If no other admins take this report, I’ll look into it when i get home

Thank you Human

20 character limit

His Ckey is ColonelVukasin, most likely

Edit: It’s Colonel vukasin

[2019-11-04 18:54:14.747] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "AI im coming for that ass!!!" (Starboard Primary Hallway (160, 128, 2))
[2019-11-04 18:54:45.693] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "chill im just gona ERP it" (Central Primary Hallway (127, 111, 2))

This is a very bad start

[2019-11-04 18:57:37.159] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "mmm" (AI Chamber (150, 33, 2))
[2019-11-04 18:57:45.365] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "taht sweet ass!!!" (AI Chamber (150, 33, 2))

You fucking WHAT

[2019-11-04 18:58:43.358] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "I LITERALY BORKE NOTHING BUT A WALL" (AI Chamber (150, 35, 2))

Here’s the broken wall

[2019-11-04 19:01:03.781] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "AI that was some nice ass i have to say!!" (Space (140, 61, 2))

I’m seriously taking this up with the admins

[2019-11-04 19:01:48.110] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "CE" (Central Primary Hallway (115, 112, 2))
[2019-11-04 19:02:01.770] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "Im coming for your ass now" (Central Primary Hallway (115, 112, 2))

[2019-11-04 19:04:03.501] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "what if i shoot a rocket into the SM" (Engineering (125, 67, 2))
[2019-11-04 19:04:17.000] SAY: Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) "If you do, I will execute you" (Research Division (181, 107, 2))
[2019-11-04 19:04:27.027] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "try me" (Engineering (122, 75, 2))

Literally a threat

[2019-11-04 19:05:11.329] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "i have a durand mate" (Engineering (113, 71, 2))

Mech confirmed

[2019-11-04 19:16:00.572] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "i didnt want to hurt you but you EMP my mech" (Medbay Central (139, 122, 2))

Make another fucking mech, the Ion gun literally won’t hurt you unless you’re an IPC.

[2019-11-04 19:18:14.034] OOC: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) ((LOOC)) "i litteraly didnt kill the AI and you EMPed me" (Medbay Central (139, 122, 2))
[2019-11-04 19:18:50.950] OOC: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) ((LOOC)) "i just kissed him" (Medbay Central (139, 122, 2))

Ick ock and more

[2019-11-04 19:23:48.722] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "I JUST RAMMED THROU THE FIRST DOOR THE AI LET ME IN AFTER THAT!!" (Medbay Central (140, 119, 2))

None of this is right for MRP behavior, by the way

[2019-11-04 19:30:46.338] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) "DO NOT TRY I HAVE 6 MOAR ROCKETS LOADED" (Medbay Central (144, 118, 2))

after that was more arguements about how you didn’t “break” in and the AI “let” you in. You broke a wall and broke in, the AI only opened the other doors because you would’ve just broken through the other walls.

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That just made me chuckle

another one bites the dust

Really need an admin to give a say in what should happen

Now, I’m by no means a mrp expert. But this feels like a 2 or 3 week mrp ban, as this dude seems like he has no intent to rp. Edit: wait for other admins to chime in. I’m not too good with mrp rules

It’s not just that he has no intent to RP, it’s pretty much blatant grief. I’m going to assume he did this as non-antag as well.

“he proceeded to gun Me, the CE, RD and the captain down”
He didn’t just ignore RP, he also killed several people after self-antagging his way into the AI core.

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need more admins to comment on this for a final say