[Eric Grinder] player report (Accepted)

In-game report:

   Title:Eric Grinder Player Report

   Your Discord:Zeroprimal

   Offender’s CKEY:Dont know

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Eric Grinder

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):2020-02-01

   Round Number:12090

   Rules Broken:Being a dick

   Incident Description: I was a golem and made myself a scooter so that i can move a little bit faster around the station since golems move pretty slow. He comes to me when I was using the scooter shoves me and takes it away. He made sure to move with it near me  so that i can see him in order for him to taunt me saying im too slow to get the scooter back,or saying "HAHAHAHAH" and even sending a PDA message to me saying that i will never get the scooter back. 

Eventually i manage to catch him at science and i flash him to get my scooter back then i hit him a few times. After that he tries to run toward me to get my scooter back and he gets hit by the wall or me because of the flash (i dont remember if i hit him again when he attempted to take my scooter back)
He ended up being in crit(and no i didnt want to put him in crit at most i wanted to just hit him a few times for being a jerk) so i dragged him to medbay. After that i assume he cried to shitcurity to arrest me because i took my scooter back so i got arrested by shitcurity but i get released. Then i once again meet him at science where when seeing me he shoots me twice with a lighting bolt(he got it from the devil contract) and then runs away when he realised that since im a golem im immune to lightning bolt.He also tried to flash me to get my scooter but failed at that too.He ended up later stealing my scooter again and i just made another scooter (which he tried to steal that one too) cause he wasnt giving up on just hunting me to get my scooter

   Additional Information:I ended up getting a note for putting him in crit and i agree with the note however the fact that he taunted me, cried to shitcurity for getting my scooter back which led to me getting arrested and generally acting like a jerk towards me the entire round while i did nothing to him..i believe that i am justified to make this player report.I am not sure if the round id is correct so check the note that i got for the round id cause i got it in the same round

Now to wait for a logging admin

“hugbox moment”
even on LRP this would break the rule number 1 of don’t be a dick, and because it’s MRP it also breaks rule 3 by being no roleplay

Sorry this isn’t griefstation 13 and there’s actual rules here.


Going back and checking reports from before my trialmin period started. I’ll look into this later today.

12090 was not a round ID on sage. Without a correct ID I cannot look into it. Leaving open for a day to get the right numbers.

12088 should be the correct one

Round 12088 I see you working on slimes in Xenobio as a lizard. Are you sure that’s the correct round?

[2020-02-01 18:20:49.418] ATTACK: Zeroprimal/(Likes-The-Slimes) has attempted to inject [large beaker] with the syringe which had /datum/reagent/blood (15u) (Xenobiology Lab (125, 98, 2))

I’m also seeing that you two had a scuffle of some sort, and you had the upper hand until you got shocked with a lightning bolt.

thats the round i didnt stay on xenobiology the entire round i became a golem through xenobiology later on in the round

[2020-02-01 18:56:05.569] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) “you will never get it back” (Research Division (126, 91, 2))
[2020-02-01 18:56:11.259] SAY: Zeroprimal/(Likes-The-Slimes) “yeah well” (Xenobiology Lab (124, 93, 2))
[2020-02-01 18:56:14.498] SAY: Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) “HAHAHAHAHAH” (Research Division (126, 91, 2))
[2020-02-01 18:56:15.249] SAY: Zeroprimal/(Likes-The-Slimes) “i got help” (Xenobiology Lab (124, 93, 2))
[2020-02-01 18:56:17.569] ATTACK: Zeroprimal/(Likes-The-Slimes) has flashed(AOE) Colonel vukasin/(Eric Grinder) with the flash (NEWHP: 46) (Xenobiology Lab (124, 93, 2))

Yep part of that round i think that was on xenobiology when i tried to flash him to get my scooter back but i didnt get him i think

Alright, so here are the facts of the case as I understand them.

You created a scooter.
It was stolen by another player.
You attacked the player in an IC way.
The attack escalated.

It is not in question that your scooter was stolen.
It is not in question that you critting the other player was bad.

This player report is about whether or not the other player should be receive admin action for stealing your scooter, correct?

For breaking the rule of not being a dick towards other players. The entire round after i made the scooter he taunted me and didnt gave up on just acting like a dick as i said on the player report what he had done. So i would say yes,kinda for stealing the scooter and just acting like a jerk towards me the entire round while i did nothing to him

One day the admeme will come back and check this report

The facts of this case are laid out, it’s up to a more senior admin to decide than I.

Most of the situation is IC, yes, and while critting is bad, it wasnt your intention to do so, so we’ll disregard that as you actively went your way to get them to medbay and healed.
This is nearing the rule 1 ends, but it isnt ban worthy. As of now, at most, we can issue a note so admins keep track of this behaviour, but thats about it.