Equiping the crew, this is the durathread

not looking for weapons, looking for armor. I’ve heard of durathread and would like to know more about it, and perhaps other armor alternatives. what is durathread, what does it do, and how do you get it ? does it take a long time to grow or easy or what or left or right ? botnis save us !

Fuck you

Also there’s only a durathread vest
“melee” = 20, “bullet” = 10, “laser” = 30, “energy” = 40, “bomb” = 15, “bio” = 0, “rad” = 0, “fire” = 40,
“acid” = 50

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does the vest stack with armor ?

You get durathread by mutating cotton in hydro. You can make jumpsuits out of it if you pass it through a loom and if you make leather you can make vests and helmets.
The vest= armour
It have good production speed so if you boost yield and add perennial growth it should be easy.

cool beans, any other armors possibly attainable ? or anything anyone else can think of ?

some things I’ve thought of

healing patches from chem. real easy and real fast, saves lives

fire suits. they aren’t much but last I checked monkeys cant hurt you if you are wearing one of these and a fire hat.

flashes are worth mentioning due to how common they can become. a lot of stations have a exofabricator in maint and they cost less than half a iron and half a glass. really players kinda need a warning about that. its very powerful.

also get it, its a pun ! this is the durathread ? ha ha I’ll show myself out.