EPS Series Feedback

You Got Mail!

this thread is for feedback regarding EPS series IPCs, a character I made recently, out of boredom, to try out other roles, ended up being cargo mailbot/delivery boy
let me know what I should keep, what I should change, whether that line brings positive or negative emotions in you whenever you hear it
given that 99% of the time I don’t know the mail contents, let me know peak mail delivery moments you have encountered, or, if you are fine with some mail privacy violation, what “jackpots” have you found in them (because I saw some people react very strong to mail contents)


Mail machine is fucking great.
Nuff said, it’s a good gimmick executed well.


I can’t remember if it was you, but I remember I think it was a Lizzard or an ethereal getting delievered a bag of chips/cheesy honkers.

I had some tasty chips that hour.

I feel very bad pushing you into disposals to test the trap I planned to use to murder my target.

I was unsuccessful, so that made me feel worse.

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Absolutely terrifying, 10/10

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best mailmachine ever.

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delivered my hate mail to a wizard. Top of the line mail delivery technology, you’ll always be welcome in my cargo bay, Brother

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10/10 would ignore their burnt corpse in Arrivals and Robotics.

The exterminator of mail.

What did they mean by this?

if I remember correctly you were singing uhn tiss
although it was end of round and I was saying it rather ooc

that was fine, didn’t know an ipc would exit on the other end still in one piece
but what did the mail do wrong to be pushed into the grinder?

being caught as a heretic twice by your mailing ass was one of the funniest things ive had happen, great gimmick i love it

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one day I’m gonna be doing traitor shit in maints, prepping my murder machine, and you’re gonna be there… delivering mail to me.

“You got mail!”/10

I needed to test the to see if someone getting sent through disposals would automatically hit the recycler that I had emagged.

That was how I planned to eliminate my target.

oh, haha, yeah, that engie department was a rave.