Epic cloning idea

So whenever you clone someone that is already currently alive they go catatonic because there is already a player controlling that character, however what if instead of that person going catatonic a randomly selected ghost player will be given the opportunity to join the round as a “Defective Clone”

Desert Rose has this feature and I think it is epic because we would actually be able to clone each other instead of just making catatonic clones.

This would improve the server by making it so that antagonists can make their own clone army, dead players will be able to rejoin the round and play instead of waiting or being an assligger, and it would be a cool addition to SS13 as it is supposed to be in the future with aliens and futuristic technology and we already have cloning in the game already so why not?

Also Defective Clones would not have any memories of who they are a clone of but they could be told by an antagonist that their purpose in life is to do antagonistic things and such, basically like an AI or borg.

If this is not good for the public to use make it so that it is like a 5-7 TC traitor item that is just a disk board that they can use to make cloning machines and such and call it a “Defective Cloning Machine”

IDK I just want to make Dr Coomer clone jokes but I hope you consider this!


I personally would like this, as currently catatonic clones are super uninteresting and don’t really do anything other than create a chore to be pulled to morgue. I think it would be balanced for antags or a
“clone army” if the clone started out with a brain trauma or other disability, and it would definitely give more options to ghosts than the starter lavaland roles or the very few ghost roles that people make. I feel like having them follow the orders of the first person to tell them to do something would be good, something like golems.

well, there is the experimental cloner that does that exact thing right now


Oh okay, I thought I had seen that term before. I can’t find anything about it on the wiki though, do you have a link?

This is currently in the game in the form of the experimental cloner found in a space ruin. Main problem there is that people usually dont whant to jump into your clones

It is form a small space ruin without gps (so hard to find without shuttle scouting) that consists of 2 and 1/2 rooms with the medical tile palette.where you also find an old medikit and a bed with bones and a book

Well it seems like it wouldn’t be used much then, and even if people don’t want to jump into clones it still would provide the option to get back into the game, and if anyone does decide to become one it would spice up the game for medical.

I am pretty sure I saw the experimental cloner in random maint

Another problem is that while it might be fun sometimes it would become irritating quite fast if every round was someone cloning himself 1 billion times. Also that ruin is one of the few fun ruins in space and removing its gimmick would gut space even more that it currently is. It is a fun and intresting ruin that sometimes let’s self clone shenanigans go down but not every round.
Imo having the experimental cloner be a rare thing is good becouse that means that when it happens it becomes all the more memorable.

If that is true then it is bad. The cloner is one of the few intresting artifacts you can find in space so it going into maint is just no

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space experimental cloner ruin is worthless for ghosts, it clones you as braindamaged nugget and you cant even get out of the crit

you can take the space cloner back to the station, and I managed to get a living clone back to the station once so it is possible

Experimental cloner already does it like narin says. With the sidenote it changes everyone into the single person that was cloned.

It’s pretty easy to get and find, just need to search space a bit which most people don’t bother to do.

You don’t see it often which makes it special and interesting.

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Also, it DOES spawn in random maint now, so way easier to get it and make use of it.

As a chaplain, I found the experimental cloner and brought it back to the station. Got engi access and started shelling out a shitload of clones. Most were cool, grabbed some jaws of life and went to vibe around the station. One sat on the table, naked, screaming, “I LIKE HAMBURGERS AND BUTTERFLIES.”

Necro bad