EOD suits more available

Currently, people dont bother using eod suits to disarm bombs because of how obnoxiously far out of the way they are. They also require armory access to get to on metastation.

Considering the fuse on the bomb + the time it takes to discover a bomb, eod suits aren’t an option unless the bomb is near the brig.

Place eod suits in security outposts or somewhere where they can be accessed in a realistic timeframe.

Another thing I considered: changelings could potentially use this to suicide bomb and regenerate. So changelings would likely have to be prevented from toggling regeneration while wearing a bomb suit because of their new availability


I mean we could put bomb suits in cargo for example (because CC sometimes sends bombs to disarm) but it would look slightly out of place… Unless it’s cargo maint I guess?

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I feel like thats too niche to warrant a bomb suit

Meta station has 2 bomb suits in Toxins… Sci Hardsuit also counts as one which is pretty much free game on meta too…

Box has 2 in Toxins +Hardsuit and 1 in Sec

Corg doesn’t seem to have any (especially in sec) but has 2 Hardsuits instead.

Delta has 2 in toxins +Hardsuit and 0 in Sec

Pubby has only Hardsuit in Sci and 1 EOD in Sec

Edit: Forgot to add my thoughts…
Make the stations have consistent placement between them:

1 by Experimentor or R&D
1 inside Toxins
1 by sec lockers
Hardsuit by test site (as they are)

There already is a bomb suit in cargo security post on one map.

What time of day are people actually disarming bombs
200 hours in beestation. I think I’ve seen it. Once.

90% of the time its cargo event

10% its yolo disarm/unbolt if somehow found

Forgot about toxins lab

Even so, thats another location that annoying to access

Granted… Moving 1 from toxins to R&D lab or even the science acess airlocks would prevent both being lost incase of a toxins fire or if one is needed urgently, only 1 door is needed rather than running through the entire department

Its hard to justify having them everywhere… Only Sec or Sci would ever really need them

EVA having one would be a stretch but possible

I feel like you’re missing what im trying to say

probably… yeah… quick acess is more important than restrictions… just put off a little by that suicide ling play… but if that becomes a meta strat then restrictions can be put on them instead of people trying to stay safe and stop a bomb…

500 hours and i have never seen anything of sorts

Yeah, sci really only need two EoD suits including the sci hardsuit at most. The EoDs are better off in cargo and sci.

what im trying to say is that no one bothers to disarm bombs because of how annoyingly far out of the way the eod suits are for most of the crew.

No idea if my suggestion would make a difference in that factor, but :shrug:

or maybe its because screwing up means blowing a huge ass hole in the station

its going to blow up anyway…
All it means is someone can sacrifice themself to try and stop it but with the upper cost being 10 min in the medbay instead of round ending gib.

If people know they wont just be gibbed for trying they might be more willing to do it.

Changelings get husked really easily now. You just need to shoot them like 10 times with a laser (~200 burn) and they can’t revive. Completely fucked.
Suicide bombing will not gib your corpse if you’re wearing an EOD suit, but it’ll still obliterate you