Entire new system ideasguys

Alright people this is your time to be creative.

If I were to code and entire new system or entire new department into the game, what would you guys want to see?

I was considering some new science categories like nuclear/atomic science or a better computer mainframe sort of thing.

Ideasguys this is your time to go wild and spit out the master clusterfucks of systems you’ve been formulating in your head for years. I have a lot of time now.


Not enough time to do lemon people doe :roll_eyes:

A idea, what about race splicing, or even mob splicing?


My largest idea is that you have a department that is solely based around the refining and research of plasma, as lore wise that’s the reason why the space station exists, as a way for NT to research the new mysterious energy form that is plasma. You could have a department that refines it from the ore, and processes it, and discovers new technologies in the process. It could be plasma filled room where only plasma men work making plasma men have a important role, or like just a plasma department where it would be like a cool mix of science and atmospherics and chemistry. It would also be a really important department, as the station relies on plasma to run, but i don’t think that’s really appreciated.

Or add space exploration and fix Z levels so its not random, but plasma department is really cool.


Blue Space Relay

This is an idea that would have to shift around a lot of already existing systems which may not be what you are looking for. Ultimately this would either be an additional engineering job or another subsection of science. The idea being to bring gateway, teleporter, and telecommunications together as a whole. Gateway and teleporter mostly just exist at round start with no player involvement other than use, and very few people are actually knowledgeable in telecomms. The intent for each area below and why they would be connected.

  • Telecommunications:
    The idea would be to not only maintain station comm channels but also reach out and try to communicate with locations in space. Somewhat like a syndie comms agent, there could be a room that a radio operator could, through trial and error, establish communication with distant or derelict places. The system could involve some kind of minigame where a frequency is tested, and based on a response or feedback, allow the person to zero in on a specific frequency/radar location. Once locked in that information could be saved and stored to be passed on to other areas of Blue Space Relay.

  • Gateway:
    One a position has been locked onto and identified, it could serve as a way for players to manually connect to away missions without admins manually loading them. More away missions could be created, fleshed out, or balanced, and valuable items or tools could be found for other departments offering co-dependencies.

  • Teleporter
    Not all of the radio comms testing would identify away missions. You could also use it to locate and identify location data for already existing GPS points. The process should take longer or be harder to find than if someone were just to explore space, but you could have a dedicated role just for space exploration. This would require some changes to curator, however it was always odd to me that that role was either a librarian or a space explorer. Going about it this way would allow you to not have to navigate and figure out z-level positioning. Ideally free roaming space would be quicker and allow you to find more, but radio comms/teleporter could allow for more specific destinations.

Essentially these three systems exist and are related already. It would all be lore explained by radio/bluespace transmissions. It would bring the area’s together and give them more significance and use beyond command level areas for traitors to target. Possible jobs as listed above would be Blue Space Engineer, Radio Operator, Spess Man. Or it could all be under one umbrella job like scientist currently is. These are all systems that require maintenance and use from others, so it falls under engineering in my mind.

A lot more things could be expanded upon or added as this is just an initial idea.


I really like this .

A germs system, a way to get non transferable diseases that make sense.

Septicemia from getting operated on with dirty tools, stomach bug from eating raw or old meat product, the runs from drinking toilet water, an infection from stepping on raw glass or getting stabbed.

More ailments and afflictions than just regular viro. Why can chef just make 30 burgers at round start and leave them out for what ammounts to hours and hours in game? Why can you do 5 surgeries with the same tools and no problems? Why do you not get an infection from stepping on shattered glass?

Compared to a lot of these idea it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to code, at least compared to an entire department. Just add in the effects, add in the ways of getting them, and code in expiry dates for the foods. The foods would be the hardest part. Probably make the prepackaged foods never go bad, just like in fallout. There should be more problems from eating a dead rat off the floor than just “ew my character is sad now”.

The cure would be an “antibiotics” chem, maybe with multiple levels of strength, would do the trick. I mean as it stands the only reason to clean medbay is for lore reasons and because it looks yucky.

I suppose it is more than just code it in and add the effects, because of the different races. Fly people could be immune but spread germs more easily, a bit like plasmemes with radiation. Anyone agree? Also was going to make a post about at least the septicemia thing but this post gave me an opportunity to expand the idea.


Like a shaft miner team that spawn with a bluespace drive that teleported them to a dedicated z-level, but every time they jump the a-level is randomly generated with a big pool of ruins and stuff, they can discover stuff as well as doing their job like scanning shit or something idk

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Ye ye ye. Tying into research supports the overall lore/idea of a research facility.

Nanotrasen did lavaland
Plasma doesn’t melt reinforced walls



I also think splicing would be cool, maybe as an expansion to genetics? There could be an entire department of genetics that would start with like a bunch of different animals, machines able to clone, DNA scan, and manipulate the genetics of those animals. This could be used to splice different animals together, or take some of the genomes from the animals and apply them to humans, such as like dexterity (vent crawling) from monkeys, a headbutt or vine-munching from goats, or maybe taking things from one playable race and porting them to another. This could be expanded on by taking DNA samples from lavaland creatures to take some of their abilities. This might get really power-gamey though, and I don’t really see what the goal or use of this department would be besides maybe buffing the miners. I would much rather see the bluespace department in because of the space exploration, the plamsa department in because it makes sense, or the germs system in because it’d add a great layer of realism to the game and give medical more to do.


upgrade the theater so it’s more of a theater and do a journalism department. it’d b small but there could be new jobs like reporter and journalist and shit like that


This implies a rework for guns but at the promise of greater dynamism later on.

They would be a “Brig Engineer” as only sec would have an official gunsmith.

The fundamentals of the gunsmith and their duty is to upgrade sec guns and equipment and to make the technological shells, as the round progresses, this would offer sec a path into the lategame. Secondary job would be to reinforce and repair brig as needed.

I will split this into 3 parts:

The gun rework

All guns have 3 parts:

    • Chassis
    • Module(s)
    • Ammo

(Note, whenever I say parts from now on I am talking about these 3, components refer to the tiered ones such as lasers, capacitors, etc)

Chassis determines capacity for amount of modules.
Example: Pistol (Disabler for example) has fewer module slots than a rifle(Which could be energy gun or laser gun as example)

Modules determine what kind of projectile it fires as well as any modifiers. (Bullets, disabling shot, laser shot, tazer shot, etc)
Example: Disabling shot laser module, fires disabling laser as the name suggest
Rapid laser cooling module, increases fire rate

Ammo determines how many shots can be fired.

All modules and all ammo parts can be modified by components. They by default start with T1.

Module components determine the power of the shot. (Disabling with T1 does for example 25 stam damage, T4 might do 50 stam damage)

Ammo components determine how many shots you can fire. (T1 - 10 disabling shots, T4-40, as example)

Of course this would also imply the possibility of ghetto guns of varying quality with various downsides or upsides.

Example of completed guns:

Basic disabler:

  • Pistol chassis
  • Disabling laser module ( T1 laser component)
  • Standard Power Cell

HoS Gun:

  • HoS Gun chassis (Unique item that has more capacity than a regular gun, but the same as more advanced chassis, maybe)
  • Disabling laser module (T1 laser)
  • Lethal laser module (T1 laser)
  • Tazer module (T1 capacitor, a higher tier capacitor would make the tazer stun like it used to before the nerf)
  • Standard Power Cell

Fantasy epic gun:

  • Advanced gun chassis
  • Burst fire module ( T4 manipulator, gives huge fire rate)
  • Tazer module (T4 capacitor, instant 5s stun or so)
  • Drum magazine (.357 or any other caliber really) (Higher capacity magazines take up more space on the chassis and more advanced research to unlock )
  • Bluespace battery/Tazer charge (how about having tazers use cartridge that is non-rechargeable and must be produced again at the lathe to recharge? Higher tiers could include more shots and eventually at bluespace level a self-recharging charge).

Note: Changing between firing modes should be done by pressing on the gun ( or z or whatever) with the same gun
Pressing on the gun with the empty hand should unload the magazine that the current module is using

The Smithy

To do this they would have a new location within the brig, the brig engineer’s office. Equipped with 1 new machine:

  • The Smithy, and this is the editor, where you put a gun and can edit any of the parts by swapping parts or components of parts

Also possible to do the exact same thing just more tediously, by hand (Basically disassemble the entire gun, take the component out of the parts, and manually insert new components on the chassis. Something like :Screwdriver to open up the gun, crowbar to disassemble everything, screwdriver on individual parts to get the components out of them, and so on)

On top of that multiple other ammo types can be researched ( some locked behind illegal tech, of course ), and they will now be able to be crafted at the lathe.

Gun parts, that is different chassis, different modules and ammos, become available through research. Only disabler module is on by default. They are then produced only at the sec lathe.

The Smith

Should only be 1 at round start.

Starts off with engineer tools and sec gear. They’re on the same level as a brig physician rank wise.

Has the same access as an officer assigned to engineering. No armory access, gun requests should go through warden/hos.

Their duties:

  • Craft new guns as they see fit or as are requested
  • Modify/upgrade guns as they see fit or as are requested
  • Upgrade the brig defenses
  • Repair the brig
  • Fulfill any engineering needs that security might have

I had intended to code this myself but realistically I will probably never get around to it, so if anybody else wants to take a shot at it.

I do realise that this is quite extensive, so I also have a very, very shortened idea:

  • Give sec guns and maybe others too, attachment slots such as the KA. These could be: Increased effect, increased battery, xray maybe as a very deep tech one, many more possible.
  • Still add the brig engineer with an office but since it’s a lot more simple his job is implicitly more simple.

love this idea as well, very very cool

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im LOVING YOUR IDEA arbalezt

Best idea in this thread so far.

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New system? Here you go

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