Engelwood's Mentor App (I'm back baby)

Your CKEY: Engelwood

Your Discord: big john#2046

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since 2020-07-29, the day i joined Beestation

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Ward Chromile (Ckey Hackole i think), I terrorize the shit out of him sometimes

Game Experience (More Detailed): I played the everloving shit out of this game for around 800 or so hours, got bored and dipped, came back for a bit then departed again, then i got the itch and came back and sunk another 100 - 160 hours in and I plan for it to be more. This app’s mostly to get the big men upstair’s opinion on if I’m fit to rejoin the mentor team (and their opinion of what kind of player i am kept in their super secret admin notes), I originally got demoted since i basically just disappeared with no word.

Here are my silly hours, as you can see, i prefer open ended jobs with medbay holding a soft spot in my heart

Now ask me questions, my knowledge banks run deep into the rivers

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I want to see recent activity logs before voting on this one personally.

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I also want to see activity logs

Activity within the last 30 days:

Breakdown of activity


No one has hit you with any questions yet so I’ll shoot some your way.

  1. What happens if you touch a pierced reality?

  2. How to send an image via PDA?

  3. A greytider mhelps asking how to safely hack doors without insulated gloves. Give me three ways they can do this without just gambling on the wires.

Chance that you’ll lose your arm, found that out the hard way, also examining it gives a mood debuff

IIRC the lawyers PDA cartridge allows you to send photos to everyone or specific people

Ooh, fun

The first best way to hack doors is to chug greybull for that insulation boost, cut both the wires connected to the power and crowbar open. Signallers can be used to pulse the door and check what each wire does. PaI’s have a door jacker function aswell. Always check if your neighbourhood AI is set to crewsimov so you can PDA them when you want to go to places you’re not supposed to be. Nerve Grounding surgery makes you immune to shocks, so does the insulated gene from genetics. I would also explain that rerouting the disposals system to get where you want is the most superior method of greytiding and introduce them to the wonders of the mailroom

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Not a mentor, but I absolutely love this answer. You could’ve just simply said ‘insuls gene, graybull, nanites’ (forget which nanite gives you shock immunity) but instead you gave way more answers and provided information that isn’t even that common knowledge

10/10, would give a +1 if I could

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Pretty good answers I’ll give a +1.

answered questions look alright


He’s dead

15 characters momento

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Permaban moment

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He’s dead, jim.

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So when is this getting accepted?

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Temporarily locked until that’s resolved.

Not marking it as denied for the time being since it’s still being discussed.

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Perma got lifted, then they immediately got banned again for something else. You can’t apply while banned, as such this is denied.