Endaru Player Feedback

Good Feedback, Bad feedback it all goes here, I am looking to improve myself as player so everything
left here is appreciated.

Uuuh could you maybe post a photo of your character? Don’t really remember your name.

I play/ played Kira Schrader/G.E.S.I.A./Neon Lawson

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All 3 of those names are familiar to me, I remember GESIA the seccie mostly though. No bad memories of you.

I’ve definitely seen G.E.S.I.A. around, very good MD, CMO and a robust secoff. Fun to interact with but likes to say “could be worse” a lot.

Honestly, I think you can be a really bloodthirsty captain at times. When it comes to dealing with antags, you seem to take the silent approach and kill them before they can speak, in which you then sometimes boast about it in common. I still remember a round where you wordlessly gunned down a morph that was talking with a QM.

My only real negative feedback may be more opinion, not sure: try to be more loose with antag punishments, i don’t mean let the murdering man free but i remember a round recently where an antag had just stolen an item and you wanted to perma them, now technically yes that’s right enemy of nano transen and all but to me it seems more fun to try and give them a chance to reform, fun RP and all that and i was pushing to have them sent to the work camp to work off a debt. Not saying let everyone off with a slap on the wrist but in this case from what i understood all the antag had was grand larceny at this point.

Aside from that though i enjoy seeing you around, loosen up a bit as captain, i know its stressful running the station and all, but don’t forget to have fun and RP a bit!

Obligatory who?

I was yelled at by an admin for the morph thing

That chap thing could have been done better I admit it, theres always a chance to get gunned down as cap wordlessly when trying to rp with antags or just for the all acess, this problem goes both ways where sec guns down the rping antag, an clear answer is not in sight for this conundrum, lowpop and no sec as well and didnt want to take chances with the chap, I had an problem before because I let go an antag with capital punishment a few weeks back, thats why I insisted on perma.

Nah you were fine there, what you did was the correct thing, i just personally believe in, good or bad, you have to be the player you want to see in the game

Either way that chaplain left his soul literally the second he died anyway so… ya know… he didn’t exactly try to RP anything there either (i also seem to recall him talking about “literally ruining his round” when he was caught…)

Every time I’ve seen Neon its been a good time, that time included, but this is a feeback thread afterall!

My opinion of your character still stands

Bump, I also play Populous Rockwell