EMF0009 Banned by Bastion0930


Admin’s CKEY: Bastion0930

Both BeeStation Servers

Ban Type: Global

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date: 04/02/2020

Round ID: 14167

Ban Reason: Plasmaflooded science after being disabled, and tried to ignite it. 00:15:30 BanID #12689

Appeal Reason: I’m new to spacestation 13, got onto your server because of some friends. At the time, one of them was head of security and walked past me in R&D, at which point i said “Fuck the police.” to him, and he proceeded to beat me. I knew enough about environmentals that i ran into a room with plasma and opened a canister in a closed room to stop him from getting to me. This was purely a gaf between the two of us, no one was killed on the station, no damage was caused.

I’d like to be able to come back onto the server and continue learning how to play more roles, especially since i was just getting used to R&D and just figured out i could upgrade the lathe and other machines.

Additional Information: All the while this was happening, a non-traitor led all the miners to “bubble gum” (one of my friends in discord was streaming what was going on), and had them all killed, and then the monster was released onto the station and everyone died. My friend commented to the admin (Bastion) and was told that it was an in-character issue and to not discuss it. After raising the question again, he was told to not continute further discussion into the matter. This was somehow not considered trolling, but me filling a small closed room with plasma in self-defence was.

admits to metacomms
started playing today
only 1h total playtime ingame

Is having discord open a huge no-no in this game?

yes, read the big rules fuul

Ya, i see the rules state that “metagaming for an advantage over players is not permitted”

so having someone assist me with game mechanics, and run a stream after ive been banned seems to be within server guidelines.

Using discord to communicate for the sake of learning still requires you to alert the admins. The only time we allow metacomms is for teaching purposes with the admin team alerted to it. You’re watchlisted so we can make sure you stay in line, but you’re given slack for a while.

Additionally, even if it’s a gag between two friends you are still expected to follow the rules. Plasma flooding in response to being hit with non-lethals is a major no-go, and even if nobody was harmed at the moment, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

If you want to play and troll around just with you friends I would recommend downloading a copy of the server and hosting it amongst yourselves.

I appreciate the feedback and the trust, I’ll try to stay more in line with playing my role and not get carried away as i learn the game’s mechanics and play-styles. Thank you for looking at this appeal.

I think you may have mis-interpreted me - this isn’t my appeal, it’s up to @Bastian0930 to have the final say on the matter; I stand neutral at the moment.

I was only explaining the rules and why they were held against you. I don’t know the finer details of what happened from the banning admin’s perspective - only from yours. If your story holds up to what he has to say I’ll back a second chance though.

It really helps that you’re taking it so well too

Ah alright, i was a bit confused when i saw ‘watchlisted’ lol. thought that meant i was being taken off ban and put on probation type of thing

I see where you are coming from here. However, this had the potential to create a trit fire in science, in otherwords making it uninhabitable. Someone breaks a light? BOOM. I’m still unsure who brought bubblegum up, I know I did and sent it back down. Then, I proceeded to warn the station to NOT use it. If I knew, believe me, they’d be banned. Honestly? I’d like to see you come back, you seem genuine, and I can hear you out. One thing though, don’t open plasma for shit like that ever again. You had the potential for a REALLY bad fire.

Also, thanks to the ruling, I still needed another admin to look at this. Thanks, @Ruko.