Emetanti, banned over half a year ago due to the Evasion Detection


**Admin’s CKEY:oneplusone, i assume its the one mentioned in its text.

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Technically LRP, but that was handed out before there were both to begin with.

**Which server did the ban happen on? Technically LRP

**Ban Type:StickyBan

**Ban Length:Permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Can´t fully remember the date, but must been from Late July or early August.

**Round ID: Not sure, the ban doesnt specify it.

**Ban Reason: Ban Evasion Detection System

**Appeal Reason: At the time i was still near completely new to SS13 and on a account i seen then dont use anymore (I go with Caledan now, Emetanti is the old.) and back then when i heared the bwoink (I THINK it was because back then i was too eager to feed Unstable Mutagen to people.) admittedly panicked and alt/f4´d leading to the detection system putting a perma on me. I since then learned the game more and would like another chance to play on the servers now that im not a complete amateur anymore.

**Additional Information: The ban was done on my old name Emetanti, im appealing for that one since while its not the one i use anymore, its the one thats banned and preventing me from joining as Caledan.

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I don’t think there is a way for you to get auto stickybanned. Unless you were tagged because of a shared VPN or something, sticky bans are added intentionally by admins to people who are likely or proven to ban evade.

emetanti was a CKEY manually added to the sticky panel, and caledan was a caught CKEY. onplusone manually added you for ban evasion. Neither of your accounts show bans or notes which is odd, I’m not sure how far back things are recorded for.


Someone who knows stickys better or remembers this person somehow will have to comment.

Caledan i made very shortly after, and well, yeah tried to open Bee on it at the time which obviously didn´t work. Ban evasion in the sense of having been banned and then somehow getting back on atleast never happened. What i remember is that the ban seemed to been applied after i closed the tab in a bit of a panic after getting bwoinked, but given my SS13 experience at the time was a week at best i couldn´t think of that been over more than feeding Unstable Mutagen to some people, admittedly not my proudest times and since then actually learned the game.

That’s fine. Disconnecting after being bwoinks means you get perma banned to force an explanation it on the forums. The thing I’m confused about is that he manually added you for ban evasion. That means he would have needed some reason to think you would make a new account, or emetani was the new account itself.

Unless things were very different back then, people aren’t just stickyd whenever they are banned. It would cause a lot of problems for VPN users.

@GameAdmin Need a second opinion before I take this one over.

Unban he. Probably just got caught on accident

Say no more. Removed from sticky panel. It happen so long ago I’m not seeing an actual server ban. Make another thread or DM me on here if you aren’t able to get back on.