Emagged stuff

My favourite things that i try to emag are

Autodoc, cut off all of your limp and pulls out your organs, fast.
Firebot, watch people getting set on fire by firebot.
Medibot, Add more damage to the highest type of damage you currently have.

idk add new more stuff to emag.

idea; when u emag pda it explodes after couple seconds

Basically flashbang but with a extra step.

or it could make smoke

emag a weapon recharger to make it explode when used. would be cool. but what i like to emag are air and firealarms to setup for a really nasty flood. or overpressure


Emag the clown to make him explode into smaller clowns


Emag sec mask for funny haha halt


Emaged SM is my favorite.


emgadded beepsky is a classic.

emagged borgs too. especially if you make them go stealthy.


Emag weapon recharger to make it a weapon decharger

  • Link the disposal loop into a separate recycler
  • Emag said recycler
  • Shove people down disposals
  • They never come back…

I saw someone do this but with SM before and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen since they put inlets at departures

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Emag inducer to make deducer; discharge APCs, Cyborgs and machines and charge a battery inside.


Emagged deepfryer is op af and hella underrated


I have seen countless security teams fall victim to that unknowingly

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I’ve always disliked that so many alternative functions are locked behind the emag - even some that aren’t necessarily antagonistic. It means that a traitor would be hugely foolish not to invest TC in it. The sheer flexibility of the item is astounding. I don’t really know how this would work from a mechanics/coding perspective - but it’d be lovely if the emag acted as a shortcut to enabling alternate functions, instead of a requirement. Am I crazy?

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I mean. The only thing i can think of is the sec mask, and it can be already done without emag. However, emag is indeed quite fucking good. Too good. But i would much rather have it op than a weak pathetic little nothing of an item. The only good idea i have seen is maybe split the item into doormag and emag. With doormag being for doors, emag being for computers

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It’s not an issue of strengths and weaknesses in my eyes - it’s an issue of there being a binary state of what functions various devices can execute. I hugely favor shades of grey rather than black and white in this case. Device functionality should reflect invested effort, which is why I’d suggest making all functions of an object which can be emagged available for standard players to access - albeit in a way which requires a impactful time investment. Which is why I’d envision an emag more as a shortcut then a simple on/off toggle for various objects it can interact with.

Just spitballing really, as with most things I bitch about, it’s currently fine as is.

Ysee, this opens up quite a lot of self antagging possibilities. Tell me honestly - did you ever experience cargo getting their console emagged, the traitor caught, and yet - the station gets flooded with traitor items of mysterious origins?

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Self antag is against de roolz
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