Eliza Kuster Player report

In-game report:

   Title:chamoral Player Report

   Your Discord:malburda#8391

   Offender’s CKEY:chamoral

   LRP or MRP server:LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Eliza Kuster

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):06-??-2020 to 07/01/2020

   Round Number:numerous 

   Rules Broken:2,3,7

   Incident(s) Description: Now this is going to be a long one, anyway eliza kuster for those who are unaware is an LRP only player who has managed to attract the disdain of almost everyone on LRP, she is a player who will actively metagrudge players not just me, also including a number of other LRP players such as TSM and Milk Man and Nan kelliday, ive held off making this report for quite a while hoping she'd be banned by now but here we are

anyway a small bullet point list of what Eliza does
-always steals the whole armory and then cries when someone robusts her about it (she literally carries the whole armory in her backpack its ridicolous)
-Ahelps people for pushing her
-Made an alt account on the beestation forums to support herself
-actively metagrudges against players and cries when people defend themselves from her
-only plays captain or CMO in order to either steal the whole armory or to make chloral hydrate which has even been noted by caeclius
-always names the station after herself
-is extremely salty on OOC at all times and whinges about every small thing
-intentionally tries to valid bait multiple people so she can ahelp them and get them banned because thats a victory for her
-is extremely gimpy and almost no one in the station likes her, she is extremely toxic to every single player because when they robust her which they do 99% of the time she will go on a deadchat rant or ahelp the admin over the smallest thing when she has done so much more than them

   Additional Information: This is the first and only time im ever going to make one of these reports, mainly because im fed up of her and so is the playerbase of LRP, she either needs to be banned for a long time or be permabanned from all the head roles she uses to powergame every single round

Round Number:numerous

Can you name a specific round?

i genuinely cant mainly due to the amount of rounds that all these reports cover, this isnt all just in one round this has been spread over for a period of weeks now

she does this all the time, it is quite hard to have a specific round, but I have had experiences with her around rounds 17700 - 17780 (estimation, she is definitely in some of those rounds though.)

so uh, vouch? i guess. I have witnessed her doing almost all these things


Alright but

what rules did she break why is this a report

  1. Be Excellent to Each Other
  2. No Self-Antagging or Grief
  3. Common Sense

Power gaming is okay, if your role has access to armory then it’s fine.

This could warrant investigation, but not too bad afaik.

was warned by admins

You’ll need metagrudge proof

noted but not wrong

cringe but not wrong

if you can’t seperate IC from OOC then yes, I’d consider this a problem.

Ban baiting is against rules.

Same as before

I hate to play the devil`s advocate but If making chloral hydrate and validhunting is self-antag on LRP, then we all should be banned.

Be Excellent to each other is the only rule he broke. And even that is meh

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agree, she didnt break any rules really, she is just an extremely annoying player

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then the same round or following one you and bunch of players said you could out a player by making forum thread.

i will provide logs in a while


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I am not that frequently on LRP, but so far from what i seen, there weren’t anything bad about Eliza’s behavior. But what i noticed is bunch of players metagrudging on her/him.

But since i am not so often on LRP i am only going to leave the screens here and wait for others to put some input.

Thanks @Naevi

Given those images, I really doubt this report was made in good faith.
Additionally, unless you can point to specific behavior in a specific round, this really isn’t an actionable report.

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Unless you have authorization to take the hand teleporter, you can be treated like an antagonist for taking it. It is a unique item and a traitor objective.

Talking about ongoing round is prohibited.

deleted, sos#220202020

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bruh admit it you just want someone unrobust and cringeworthy to pick captain every round so you can robust them easily and get dem good boy points for killing eliza

eliza is basically an advanced form of a lootbox: you need to defeat it first before accessing the gamer loot inside


@bloons3 @Naevi Seeing how I was in that round, that was a discussion on how everyone hates Eliza to the point of making a forum post. I honestly believe this post was made in good faith, he and a number of other LRP players genuienly hate to play with Eliza in command role, especially when she’s captain.

Can confirm, Chamoral is a shitter. But a shitter that tries very hard to stay just within the rules. Ahelps at the slightest provocation, tries to find the smallest excuse to kill valids, being generally obnoxious I presume to valid and ban bait other players.
But overall stays within the rules.

This, in general, is significantly worse than any spoken words that we are banning people permanently now for.
Overall, I don’t think this warrants a game ban. Maybe command ban. But it certainly warrants a clarification of the rules. Because most of Chamoral’s shittery comes from the ambiguity of the rules that he can exploit.

Also, for anyone wondering. Eliza is female name. So she. Chamoral is male name. So he. I don’t give a fuck otherwise.


If there is no specific round number, then it would be difficult to investigate this player report.

Digging through 10 rounds to find a single instance of misbehavior might be seen as validhunting by the admins for a ban.

If there is a round that exhibits behavior against the rules, then that round number should be provided.

Chamoral stays within the rules, most of the times. But every time he is a captain the entire round starts revolving around hatred towards Eliza.
Every time he is CMO he runs around the station with syringe gun and a belt of chloral syringes. Not doing any medical work, just fucking around validhunting.
I’ll note future rounds in which I encounter this shitter behavior of his.