Elchorico banned by Haliris

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Server, temporary
Ban Length:
31 days
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:

Appeal Reason:
At the start of the round, I was a mime. After some time of me running around, unsure of what to do because I didnt have a idea for a gimmick, I decided to pick up a thing that I like to do - job that usually is useless becomes useful. So, I decided to ask the Warden to become a deputy. Aden Finlay, the warden, approved it, after some slightly comedic emoting.

Soon after I became a deputy, things escalated pretty quickly. Firstly when I was growing a poppy at the public garden for the brig physician (as a apology for punching them by accident), I heard sawing sounds in maint. I went in, and saw Roy, a doctor, being attacked by Prue. I went ahead and engaged Prue with a simple deputy baton, allowing Roy to run away, and I also managed to disarm Prue, before retreating with their weapon to hand it to the Warden. Later, after some running around, with Millii very obviously tailing me, I got attacked by her with a contractor baton. Detective, who was actually a traitor too, tried to assist Millii - but Warden walked in on the entire action, and together, we managed to defeat and arrest the pair. Prue also tried to save Millii when we were taking her and the detective to brig, but he ended up arrested too.

For all of that, HoS, who came in later, decided to promote me to a full officer. Soon after that, there were calls for xenos - so, I grabbed a hardsuit and a laser gun, and started patrolling space. Eventually, I managed to find the queen, and after a fight with her, I bested the queen and defeated her.

Third, and the last encounter in my round, was with Prue and Millii in space in front of armory. Officer was being attacked there, so I helped - and managed to down Prue and bring her to security, while Millii retreated. Then, after I brought Prue to sec, I got bwoinked.
Additional Information:
No rules were broken. I did plenty of roleplay in the round with people. Prue was actively trying to murder Roy, so I helped and saved Roys life. Millii went after me with a contractor baton, so I dont know what I am expected to do on that one.

This is unfair treatment, and a full month ban is way too much - if any ban at all.
I wouldnt be afraid to call this a rule 0 ban.


I was the detective. We were on green. The warden came running out of brig, just so happened to be before botany, which, since you were a mime, couldn’t communicate to do so, so lets just call it a fortunate accident instead of anything malicious. Whatever, you managed to “defeat” us in a melee fight as the Warden, once again, out of brig, pumped me full of lead 'till death with a shotgun in 3 shots (2 were enough to crit me). Bear in mind, once again, we were on green.

Millii tried to RP you into being contracted. You didnt ONCE tried to engage and decided to run off instead (the dorms act about the books), which is understandable, if you were busy.

This was really fucking dumb, as I was the the xeno as well and the game decided to spawn me into sec hallways, right outside the entrance where the brig phys was running through. Then at later when I tried to infect someone, the first person to run into me was an IPC, which is once again, too fucking bad.

“fight with her”, yea, mindlessly lasgunning down maints is what you did, but I got away. Then we once again met in maints, this time you had the HoS’s suit I reckon. I might not be right as both Sec suits and HoS suits look quite similar, but I dont remember your visor being yellowish. The fight consisted of you being tripped over, me fucking up shoving as I had a facehugger in hand, you proceeding to shooting me with temp gun, followed by lasers then running out of juice to hand to hand combat with a welder.

You were a mime. Not combat trained, even if deputized or made into sec. We could argue about the knowledge about aliens being meta as well, since once again, sec knows about antags, crew doesn’t. But that’s a long-drawn debate, aliens being all-known knowledge or not, I mean.

Additional Information:
Throughout the alien hunt, alert was on blue.
I did not report you, but I left the game as it was bullshit that a mime kill a queen in hand to hand combat.

if there is not enough security officers then normal crew can be deputized

here is an unspoken rule: dont ask to be deputized ever… even if its not against the rules. Wait for security to ask for volunteers or come “volunteer” you for being “robust” (and because asking results in only traitors showing up 99% of the time).

(also make certain that they change your job and give you equipment instead of just saying your with me now go get X)

I have been deputized and even made HoS as a mime many times while only communicating via miming and a pAI… It was hilarious trying to mime it all.

while mimes and clowns are entertainers that does not make them undeputizable despite their quirks…

no it is not bullshit since the queen is one of the worst aliens at combat.

also security (yes this includes deputies) are allowed to rush into danger…
remember losing is part of the game. You can’t win every time. (lost to a welder what?)

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you can’t RP into being contracted though since that breaks rule 9 (soft break but still break)

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Meant that as RP-ing into being alone with them after which they would be contracted, not as something like: “Wanna go on a holiday?”

well thats more reasonable, but also ignorable since you dont have to engage everyones whims every time. Personally every single time someone wants my attention i have been turned into a rev, cultist, brainwashee or murdered that its something i tend to just no longer entertain because of the sheer amount of times its just a facade to get me alone and not do something funny like build a convention or break in to caps office to taunt him by sleeping in their bed and stealing his clothes or making a piece of mural art or a collab painting or well anything.

(dont ask me to follow you for stuff or such to get me alone i wont entertain shallow things)

I literally agreed, but whatever.

*coughs * :face_with_peeking_eye: did you just admit to using meta knowledge???

its turning into peanut so im stopping


So, warden’s POV here:
_Roundstart, no sec offs’. Just a phys and det’ who cant do sec offs’ job.
_Mime Come asking to be deputized.
After a bit of thinking i decide to Say yes, i NEED the Manpower and it s not like from a méta POV the rest of my team arent potential antags already.
_as im deputizing the mime, Gorillas are reported in medbay, we all rush there, handle it and we get reports that Prue Fulton has an Ebow.
_we go back to brig, i set Prue to wanted and give the mime a députy Duffel.
_fast forward a bit, mime handles Prue attempt to kill a doctor and bring us their Ebow.
_ff again, i Heard on sec comms that Milly was contracting or spot it on cameras (cant remember).
Anyway, i rush there to assist the députy who has Milly stunned.
As We re arresting the det shoves me and steal my bâton and hit me with it, gets buckshotted (blue alert + armed and dangerous).
We arrest milli and the det, Prue try to rescue milli and get captured too.
I give the mime a disabler at this point as a show of trust.
_ff a bit, HOS shows up, i tell him to make the mime an officer (still no officers)
_Xeno get confirmed, Gear distributed.
_Mime brings us the xeno Queen body, cant help but respect such robustness ICLY.
_I get bwoinked about the mime, rest is not really relevant.

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What i d like to stress is that all peoples the mime fougth had active warrants on them for major crimes.
And as for killing a xeno Queen.
Most if not all the crew had guns, and all crew must figth xenos (or blob) due to the danger they pose.
I cant Say if the mime did RP with other peoples but there was actual RP with me, not much of it but that happen when sec is overwhelmed, and we were for much of the shift.

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Millii tried to get me to dorms about the books. I followed her. I even went into the dorms, where she had me isolated and alone. She then said something about the books not being there, and just kinda stared at me. So I left.
You saying that I ignored her the entire time is just, straight up a lie. Aside from that dorm thing, where she managed to get me isolated and then didnt do anything, she was just kinda silently tailing me.

It was a regular security suit. “Mindlessly shooting lasers in maint” is hilarious considering the fact that I didnt fire a single shot until it was at you as the queen.
Also, the entirety of the crew was basically turned into a militia and was hunting you down at this rate. It just happened to be me who found you first.

You didnt really went into dorms, you stood in the door, after taking a step closer to the table, immediately went back to the door then ran off. But whatever. Im more mad at the game spawning me into hallway before sec with people present and Im taking it out on you.

Since you’re making it such a big point on a ban appeal for a mime validhunting: I was the brig phys. I saw you and didn’t shout xenos. I bought you time OOCly by trying to explain what a xenomorph larva is as Wisty (aka a spooky snake).

As for the actual appeal: I do believe we were very low (read: none) on security officers at the time the mime was deputize, the mime didn’t do anything a good sec off wouldn’t have done, and it didn’t impact the xeno’s round whether it was a sec off or a mime chasing after them. But at the same time, asking specifically to be deputized just to dunk on valids is meh and maybe the three traitors that were caught might’ve been influenced by them not even wearing the deputy gear (armband, cap, getting ID job name changed, whatever).
Almost as if this was a complicated appeal and an admin should look it over :o

I was wearing deputy gear though.

It’s not a complicated appeal, you got banned because the only thing you do on this server, the only thing you’ve been doing on this server since you joined, is either look for excuses to dunk on valids, fuck off in space alone to not interact with players when you can’t do the first, or rule lawyer to hell and beyond to find, again, more excuses to not roleplay.

You sum up why you are banned right here, the only “useful” thing to you is to kill valid. You litterally did my joke of “I roleplay as someone who kills valid”. I really don’t care about your red-texting adventures, I already congratulated you in the ban reason, take that and go play on a server that focuses on combat. You keep coming back to Starbucks expecting to be served a burger, and everytime drama ensues, I wonder why.

The only roleplay you did was in order to get your validhunting license from the warden which you did again simply because you were bored, you sought it. In more than an hour you had like 10 emotes, 1 or 2 maybe were custom.

The "roleplay" for the round, some of these were forced by the game
||Line 494: [2022-08-24 14:33:34.148] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) screams (Starboard Primary Hallway (161, 129, 2))|
||Line 522: [2022-08-24 14:34:05.057] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) attempts to move their right arm. (Medbay Treatment Center (133, 123, 2))|
||Line 632: [2022-08-24 14:35:36.408] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) observes the robotic right mime. (Medbay Treatment Center (133, 123, 2))|
||Line 639: [2022-08-24 14:35:41.158] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) arm, even. (Medbay Treatment Center (133, 123, 2))|
||Line 1412: [2022-08-24 14:44:32.859] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) raises eyebrow. (Central Primary Hallway (100, 120, 2))|
||Line 1435: [2022-08-24 14:44:44.390] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) violently slaps a invisible stack of cash on the table. (Central Primary Hallway (100, 120, 2))|
||Line 1501: [2022-08-24 14:45:22.645] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) slaps table with cash for good measure. (Central Primary Hallway (100, 120, 2))|
||Line 1656: [2022-08-24 14:46:54.648] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) beckons. (Fore Primary Hallway (119, 164, 2))|
||Line 1673: [2022-08-24 14:47:04.409] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) salutes. (Fore Primary Hallway (116, 164, 2))|
||Line 1800: [2022-08-24 14:48:10.828] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) stares. (Fore Primary Hallway (115, 163, 2))|
||Line 1824: [2022-08-24 14:48:22.385] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) dies. (Fore Primary Hallway (115, 163, 2))|
||Line 1847: [2022-08-24 14:48:30.674] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) cries. (Fore Primary Hallway (118, 164, 2))|
||Line 3088: [2022-08-24 14:59:13.676] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods! (Brig (116, 170, 2))|
||Line 3163: [2022-08-24 15:00:00.748] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) frowns! (Brig (115, 170, 2))|
||Line 3804: [2022-08-24 15:06:21.392] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods! (Brig (115, 170, 2))|
||Line 4007: [2022-08-24 15:07:26.155] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) petpats Roy on the beret. (Medbay Treatment Center (137, 123, 2))|
||Line 4077: [2022-08-24 15:07:57.780] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) blinks. (Medbay Central (142, 125, 2))|
||Line 4081: [2022-08-24 15:07:59.236] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods! (Medbay Central (143, 126, 2))|
||Line 4336: [2022-08-24 15:10:21.201] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) waves T H E F L A S H threateningly. (Fore Primary Hallway (116, 163, 2))|
||Line 4568: [2022-08-24 15:12:15.868] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) screams (Starboard Primary Hallway (176, 128, 2))|
||Line 5544: [2022-08-24 15:19:42.973] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) shakes their head. (Head of Security's Office (127, 181, 2))|
||Line 5927: [2022-08-24 15:22:38.650] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) shakes their head (Brig (110, 169, 2))|
||Line 5937: [2022-08-24 15:22:42.705] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods! (Brig (110, 169, 2))|
||Line 5966: [2022-08-24 15:22:56.765] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) smiles. (Brig (110, 169, 2))|
||Line 6101: [2022-08-24 15:23:53.095] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods. (Brig (104, 170, 2))|
||Line 6750: [2022-08-24 15:28:24.298] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) gasps (Aft Primary Hallway (114, 104, 2))|
||Line 7811: [2022-08-24 15:36:58.097] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) salutes! (Brig (115, 171, 2))|
||Line 9334: [2022-08-24 15:50:10.291] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) claps! (Brig (114, 170, 2))|
||Line 10529: [2022-08-24 15:59:20.880] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) points at the locker room. (Brig (116, 171, 2))|
||Line 10546: [2022-08-24 15:59:32.038] EMOTE: Elchorico/(Sticky Fingers) nods! (Brig (115, 171, 2))|

You are expected to roleplay a character, not yourself the player that just wants to win the videogame. I ask that everytime I bwoink you, and everytime you fail to answer.

I ask of people to take that into account when they roleplay, something impossible to achieve if you aren’t in character. Some people play mime just so they don’t have to talk to hang around the hallways until the valid appears, or they get impatient and soft-grief sec, or self-antag.

Breaking character to make yourself deputy isn’t a way to bypass our rules, you must roleplay, please roleplay a character. I must say, there are some veteran players who pick mime just to not roleplay, this is unacceptable on a roleplay server.

The first rule on this server is “You must roleplay”.

You will never reconsider your position, so I don’t see why I should reconsider mine.
The only thing unfair in this ban is the fact that I didn’t make this perma, because I bet another member of staff is gonna have to deal with this issue again in a month, my bad.

Appeal denied
Write a staff report if you just don’t agree.