Elchorico banned by Haliris 2

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Right, okay, wew. I think that was a solid break.
Everything in the ban reason is correct and I do not intent to dispute and say that it is wrong. I was salty and mald in dchat after already nearly failing my entire plan to attempt to take out the AI because I have succesfully managed to throw the incorrect grenade, a explosive one instead of a EMP one, which has done little to help me disable the communications to give me a window to work on the AI. When I did finally manage to break in, the AI core was not in the chamber. I then got into a fight with security, my arm got disabled, which caused me to drop my gun. I could not pick it up, and security, while not in any sort of EVA suit, managed to just rush me down in space itself without taking enough damage to crit for a solid 30 seconds. This was also after a griefer stole my PDA when I was stunned for a looong time due to TIDI after climbing a table, though this was admittedly resolved by Haliris, and I got my PDA back. All this has caused me to just lose it and go on a rather unfair rant. I have disconnected because I was mad and didnt want to get madder.

I will only note that the timeline in the ban reason is mildly wrong. I have ghosted when I got arrested, and disconnected after malding in deadchat. Not especially relevant though.

Whatever punishment could have come out of this would have probably already expired, if it would not be permanent. Either way, I respect the decision that Haliris will make about this.

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None to add.


The “2” in the title is not a attempt at comedy, the forums simply do not allow duplicate titles.


I do happen to remember quite well what happened during that round.

You don’t really mention the real motivation behind your ban, that being your overall mindset, and your total lack of interest in roleplaying. Which leads to you validhunting or gaming hard as antag, in opposition to what we are trying to achieve on this server.
This is coupled with you having been difficult to deal with, to the point of being dishonest and borderline manipulative.

In fact I remember going stealth that round specifically to see how you would act while believing that no admins were on (me), and you acted like this, in total contradiction to what you said prior to explain your mindset or you wanting to improve.

Many admins like me warned you for weeks/months before that incident, that if you didn’t adjust, this would happen.

I can’t consider lifting this ban without you adressing the issues I raised. Playing on a roleplay server without roleplaying is bad, being toxic is unacceptable.

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I wrote a entire essay about why, but I deleted it because it feels like it would be pointless either way. I have decided that I do not actually wish to return. Please close this ticket, and make it permanent proper if thats what you wish.

I am honest when I say I didn’t reach a decision yet, you just didn’t give me anything to work with.

If I were to speak frankly, I don’t really get why you intend on playing on this server because you seem to butt heads constantly with staff, and openly admitted several times only the code interested you.

So yeah, I just don’t understand why you’d try to play here if you simply don’t want to RP, it’s not like we are the only SS13 server. That doesn’t mean you have to be permabanned necessarily, but if I were you I’d have moved on, because we aren’t a server focussed on action and competition.

I genuinely wouldnt even think about this appeal if there was any sort of (other) server running beecode, but frankly, as far as I am aware, the only server that actually has a population is beestation. By “enjoying the code”, I mean enjoying the game itself. Beecode has plenty of features that I am missing elsewhere. Frankly, this is a multiplayer game, and to actually enjoy that code, you need to play with other people.

And the people here want to play in a roleplay setting, with fictional characters, because that’s how the game is fun for them.

Beestation has downstreams, and while flattering for the people that maintain the codebase, I don’t really believe only bee has some functional or fun code.

You know the deal, you’ve been offered it way more time than others. You have to roleplay if you want to play here.
Yeah, I’ll be honest, I can’t really trust you anymore, but the deal remains simple, and it’s really a personnal matter. If you don’t want to RP because you don’t like it, then don’t play here, you won’t have fun man.

I also wanna note that I enjoy parts of this community, I really do. I wanna roleplay. But I also do very much enjoy combat. The code itself is, sadly, still very much built to accomodate gaming. I mean, theres a entire issue with people getting tools when they should not, but the tool storage is accessible to everyone on the station, and spawns with toolbelts available. The design begs people to get things.

I do not know if that changed any, but beestation can also be a bit too chaotic, and not rarely, to accomodate some sort of a slow roleplay. I am pretty sure that genuinely nearly every time I did attempt to try to actually do something like that, it ended up being interrupted by the station tearing itself apart, or someone yelling at me to do my job.

Also, beestation is the only genuinely active server running the code.

The code will never ever be perfect on that point, someone with ill-intents will always find ways to ruin rp for self-interested reasons. You can only fix that by being in the right mindset of “I have to roleplay for others”, otherwise you’ll always find the excuse to not rp or break the rules.

I hear what you’re saying, and some of that is valid criticism. But you cannot choose to replicate bad behaviour when you suffer from it, otherwise we have to ban you, because you perpetuate these issues.

You can like combat, but you must RP when you play a normal role, always. Stop looking for excuses to not roleplay and start looking for opportunities instead, that’s how you become positive and have good rounds.

In a ideal round, sure, you can just lay back and RP.
But the round still has threats that are built with the idea of the entire crew fighting it. Nuclear operatives, Blob, Xenomorphs, or sometimes even just a antag with the martyr going ham. No idea if martyr is still a rollable objective.

It also can not be said that I straight up just do not roleplay. I know that is a ancient case, but with about the first player report that was made on me, people sided with me because I talked to them, in contradiction to the report saying that I was just murderboning.

Unless you just immediately get off the station to hide, you do not get much of a chance to RP.
As far as I am aware, at least, I (think) I do not have a note for just validhunting for no reason. I am sure there is one, but the note probably also mentions that it was a reply to something, and that the threat was not severe enough, I guess? I do not know, I obviously dont have access to the game right now, so I can not check my own notes, I could be wrong.

As a sidenote, I am not adressing the toxicity thing because I cant really make any arguments there. Thats just, on me really.

This is the thing that we keep coming back to with you, your records and other incidents involving staff suggest that you do not make effort unless you have a gun pointed at you, that’s just not sustainable in the long run.
This very round where you believed no staff was on was ultimate proof, you stealthed as tot and ghosted immediately when you were caught, refusing RP. How can you tell me you have good intentions while pointing at flaws with the server if that’s how you are gonna act.

We are straying far from your issue here, so I’ll stop it here.

The way I see it right now, I unban you, you play for a bit and in 2-4 weeks, you get bwoinked for gaming or being toxic, we investigate and find out you weren’t trying to roleplay, and then we are back here, arguing about how TG codebases don’t make for good RP environment. How the code is bad (but also the best), how design pushed you into acting this way, but that you still love bee and just want to come back.

The reason why I’m not just letting you go off the bat, is that I’d rather not have other players who might be trying to RP themselves suffer from your lack of care.

I’m sorry, but despite the time that flew by, I don’t see growth or the temperance that would help you mesh better with the RP environment we are trying to maintain.

I am just gonna point that it makes no sense that I would believe that there is no staff on when you have solved a ticket for me that I personally made because of the goofer that stole my PDA when I was stunned on a table due to TIDI.

Either way, I do not know where you wanted to go with this. I already said I do not wish to return. I do not feel comfortable with the rules, nor the administration. Not anymore.

Some of your posts honestly feel like just mockery, and I do not have the willpower to get into dogfights over it. Weve come to just banning me either way. Just be done with it.

You were never okay with this, this is what I meant by you being dishonest:

You started being active again on the 29th of November that year, and already you were fed up with rules and us enforcing RP standards. What follows in your record is incident after incident about you validhunting, being toxic, being difficult, and gaming in bad faith.

This is what we are dealing with here, not the code, not the design, your behaviour. The question I raised here more broadly for you is what you want to do in SS13, because not only do I not think you are a good fit for this server, but I also think you might actually underestimate how much you dislike playing here.

We did the ticket that was supposed to happen at the time of the ban before you left. The incident alone isn’t that eggregious, however it comes at the end of a long streak of issues which all share the same roots that you haven’t really addressed.

I’m sorry you feel mocked, I find your arguments to be weak in that you shift the blame a lot on the code and things that don’t really impact your actions, but it is not personal.

In fact I find the outcome of this ticket to be upsetting, because I know some players enjoy you, and you just needed to put in a small amount of effort to adjust your behaviour succesfully. It didn’t have to be this way.
You’ve also been victim of incorrect escalation on our part, these bans should have happened sooner when it was clear you weren’t adjusting.

Finally, me spending time in here to process your issue and letting you express yourself should be proof that I actually considered your request and took you seriously. It’s not difficult to look at how I handled other issues and see how different I act when I sense the appeal isn’t serious nor motivated.

With that said, after the year has passed, if you’ve been active in reputable SS13 communities in a positive manner, and you want to try to roleplay on Bee for real this time. Then I have no doubt the team then will have no issues unbanning you.

Appeal denied.