Edward Blackbeard player report

   CKEY: Wisakedjak

   Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Edward Blackbeard

   Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-07-19

   Round ID: 18759

   Rules Broken: self antagging, not being an asshole, being helpful to the starion

   Incident Description: sprayed, cuffed, and dragged me in maints.  There, he fullstripped me and took of my comms. He took me to a makeshift maints operation room where he proceeded to morphine me and operate on me, replacing varioys organs.

   Additional Information: I've noticed them doing similar stuff in other rounds. Their gimmick is being a pirate, and they capture and rob other players of their stuff. The thing is, this would be a great gimmick for a clown, but they play assistant. Also the forced operation is over the line.

Yeah I should probably get banned for this but -

  1. I wasn’t an assistant, I was a Barber gimmick role

  2. This was not a random thing. My first interaction with this person was them pushing me into a door in maints. After a light spat, which i thought was fully over, it had turned out that they had reported me to security, which I got jailed for. I responded by dragging them into maints (full-stripping was too far and i should probably get banned for that) and operating on them, which i thought was a suitable response to someone randomly reporting you for something they started.
    I didn’t remove multiple organs, I just replaced they’re tongue with a snai
    l tongue since they where doing an annoying gimmick, which I thought was fair as a response to them ratting me out to security for a spat they started. I don’t think the forced operation was over the line considering it would have just ended there.

  3. Hilarious, but no i don’t randomly spray, cuff and capture and rob other players of their stuff, the entire gimmick is that it’s a fake pirate, with fake guns, and when somebody says no nothing happens, and it’s done mostly as one of the gimmick roles.

So yeah, definitely deserve a ban for this but this person is lying in this report and not giving out the full story, and is acting like i just did this out of nowhere. I didn’t overdose them on morphine, only giving out a few sips for the operation, and would have let them go fully free and given them they’re items back if it wasn’t for everything else.


Also, commenting on anybody’s gimmick role is a bit rich coming from the person who’s only gimmick role is being called Faye Delphine and saying that people are simping over them. Great gimmick for a clown, but not a chaplain.


It wasn’t me who reported you to sec; it was one of the botanists I believe, because the little ruffle scared off their plants or whatever.

Kidnapping people into maints , fullstriping them and drugging them to make operation of them is a pretty nono thing. The gimmick is not the issue, but makes you stand out.

Again, it’s not like i’m kidnapping multiple people, i kidnapped one person, and i’m saying yeah, i went too far, i deserve a ban but I thought it was funny at the time. I’m too used to being a LRP chad and I brought that to MRP

i’m kidnapping multiple people

I thought that was part of your gimmick; stealing and kidnaping. Which is kinda ok if you are a clown and steal useless cloth items.

i deserve a ban

Up to admin to decide

Stealing credits is the most i do as part of my gimmick, i don’t do any kidnapping unless the person is literally fully valid, at which point i don’t kill them just kidnap them cause i find that more fun for the player (instead of just getting robusted and spaced)

no fuck that i ain’t letting admins decide shit. Ban me from MRP or else. I need a break from the game anyways

i don’t do any kidnapping unless the person is literally fully valid

apart from obviously kidnapping you because i was pissed off at getting dragged into security and my secret base found out. and it wasn’t real kidnapping cause i uncuffed you

Was that before or after you administered morphine?

I uncuffed you after the morphine had faded and the operation was done, which was why you managed to immediately start stabbing me (very rude considering i had just released you)

I have to say that it probably wasn’t his original idea to do surgery on you. I built the little surgery place while he was out doing pirate stuff.

Was just gonna crit you…

very rude considering i had just released you

I did not develop stockholms. You cannot shame me for what I did.

i mean i definitely can, shame, shame, shame

Also now you know my ckey you can update the original report (it’s dontboingme)

lol that’s kinda funny tho and if you were an antag that would be perfectly fine. The rules don’t really say anything about kidnapping only unjustifiably attacking someone.

shame, shame, shame

Oh shit fam. Lemme guess; it’s entirely my fault and this would not had escalated to this if I was on my best behavior.

Also being dead displaces you for the round for 5-10 minutes, so kidnapping someone and locking them somewhere for 5-10 minutes is about the same, in principle.

listen you gotta simmer down here i didn’t mean nothin by it, but yes that’s all 100% true.

again, i’m a quick operator would be 2-3 minutes max if my operation weren’t caught by security

reee 6 days no response @wisakedjak is a mentor in your community and this is how you treat him being shat on by a lowrp pirate in medium roleplay? I demand @admemes do something about this right away.

Alrighty, after reading through the thread looks like @DontBoingMe has accepted fault here for this and admitted they were wrong.

I’ve looked through their notes and this appears to the first offence for this. It will be an MRP ban for this, falling under.

5. Don't Self Antag

You may defend yourself against others, but avoid escalating the situation.
Admins can punish you if they believe your actions are unjustified or over-escalating the situation.

Large amount of over escalation. Forced surgery is really lame.

Okay deal.