Dwarf Fortress stories 2.0

I figure with the steam release slightly moving the difficulty curve, there should be a good amount of new stories since the last time a DF thread was made.


I decided to try playing DF this weekend, this time with some RP tips I found to try to get the same feeling I had with my colonies on Rimworld. Mostly just naming my initial colonists and the first migrant wave so I could follow their lives. Those initial 12 dwarves had alright lives for the first year and a half, probably mostly annoyed in how slow it took for me to try making a more streamlined workshop floor design. It wasn’t until the first one of them, Andrew, died due to me underestimating the speed that lava floods a room those particular 12 11 dwarves lives starting to nose dive. Lisa, the first child ever at the fortress, was kidnapped by those damned goblins only two years from adulthood.

Then a month after my year long struggle with werebeasts began, a were-monitorlizard child stumbled onto my fortress and started to tear into my goat herd outside my fort. A few dwarves remained outside, I swear dwarves will run faster to the new rum in the tavern than to the lever to close the gates, and managed to fend the werebeast off until it turned back into it’s human form. I lost 3 dwarves in the fight, William and Racheal were a husband and wife who founded the new fort. After searching through the logs, I only managed to have one person out of the 4 survivors to get bitten. Samantha, the original farmer, was confirmed after managing to trap her in a enclosed room and I decided it would be best to exile her and try to forget about her. This worked for a few months, before Samantha turned and in her rage remembered about her “friends” that exiled her. This time I lost 3 dwarves, including Cindi who did the brute of the damage with her pick. It wasn’t until, Theodore our leader, did the final blow with a bunch to the jaw did Samantha lost too much blood and passed away. Many more dwarves got bitten this time, I exiled another 5 but was then stuck with 5 dwarves I suspected to be bitten (was too lazy to spend another hour going through logs). This was a issue two of them were children so I couldn’t exile them, and then two more founding dwarves. I decided that this time I was going to try to build them structures outside and just use them as carpenters that purely cut down trees for the fortress to periodically collect during brief moments of the drawbridge coming down. Also, they might kill one of those elven caravans. I hadn’t thought about the actual process of building above ground structures and due to a reading error, wasn’t prepared for the full moon to raise two days earlier than expected. Only 3 of them were infected, the non-werebeast child was the first one to die mid-playdate. After the fight, we only had one remaining werebeast dwarf. Theodore in yet again risky attempt to add another werebeast kill to his record, had his foot torn off by a werebeast and was confirmed to be one after being locked into his chambers. The steam version of DF currently has burrows bugged so civilians won’t get a alert to move in there, so I decided to try to build a atom smasher in a new room behind Theodores bedroom to trap his werebeast form in. After making a Platinum stature of him, he was wiped from existence. Now only three out of the 12 original dwarves still remain, one of which is the captain of the forts first militia squad that I should’ve made after the first werebeast attack.

This was at least entertaining to me, I am playing the free-version of DF now that I got a better understanding of what I should be doing. Only other notable thing that has happened is that this current fortress has produced 4 artifacts so far, 3 OF THEM ARE FUCKING CHERT MUGS WITH DIFFERENT COMBO’S OF LIGIMATE, IRON, AND HORSE LEATHER, can’t they be inspired to make anything else that would be more useful and less easy to steal?

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Well things have marginally gotten better. The last original dwarf’s died from a mixture of me getting confused about open spaces (resulting in part of the caverns being floored off and 2 dwarves dying via retrieving stones in the floors being flooded by lava), a last stand between the milita captain and 3 goblins, and a cave crocodile that dragged a miner into the cave lake. My fortress is at max population, finally have one full squad of well trained dwarves (one more on the way), preparing to have lava power, and I’m just now barely getting automated systems set up with work orders

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