Dustedclothing233 Player report

In-game report:

CKEY: Howluinb

Your Discord: Howluinb31153#1759

Offender’s CKEY: Dustedclothing233

Offender’s In-Game Name: No idea, due to latin moth names and definitely not having perfect memory. Was a Quartermaster, though.

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/25/2021

Round Number: 32927

Rules Broken: Rule 7 Be excellent to each other Rule 9 Do not self antag

Incident Description: As QM, over reacted against a borg following his laws and flashing then getting him arrested for attacking a cuffed person, then proceeded to be extremely salty all throughout the round to unbearable levels & outside the round, while also spreading lies about security being murderers and even going as far as declaring a mutiny while calling ai subverted on comms. Someone also uploaded laws to the AI making them the QM despite their demotion, but I do not know who did it or why.

Additional Information: After asking DoktorWueue in private and finding out only my side was investigated, and not dusted’ due to the report being against me only, and the in game admin telling dusty to take the issue to the forums to clear it out, I’d like to make this report against him this time.

A lot of info was already shared and brought up in the original thread, which i will link : Howluinb Player Report - #30 by Caecilius


It was just all in character, I fail to see the problem, IC actions = IC consequences, please understand that.

“Its my character” is not an excuse to self antag and verbally harass people to an extreme degree.


That’s like saying “I play a serial killer, therefore I am allowed to kill everyone and anyone.”

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Not the excuse of “my character”. My actions coordinated with what was happening around during the round. If you perceived all those IC verbal insults as anything other than IC, I apologize and I’m sorry you see it that way. Furthermore, howluinb is describing how I was “mad in OOC” which was caused by them, as a result of provocation. This has been already described to death in my own ticket against them and their behavior, so I will not go into further detail but I can assure you that I broke no rules.

Furthermore, I would like to add that you could have just as easily asked security or command to defuse the IC issue, that one being the “toxic salt” you keep mentioning. Instead you chose to ignore solving it ICly and only further provoked me on the discord, which you are now bringing to the forums. Are you doing this on purpose? To taint my reputation? Because that’s how it looks, especially when I go over your messages from the server.

“Im sorry you feel that way” isn’t a real apology. I don’t know the actual logs, I’m just stating there is a line where IC jackassery becomes actual harassment. Thats for the reviewer to decide.

Inciting a mutiny is breaking a rule. You are under absolutely no circumstances, as a HEAD OF STAFF* no less, allowed to incite a mutiny against security for enforcing the law. This requires admin permission to do.

I was not a head of staff. Also I did apologize, I also said right after that I’m sorry if you felt that my words were meant differently. Apologies for the mixup.
Also I certainly would not call it a mutiny. It was more of a call to action, to stop security from abusing others.

a call to action where you called sec murderers and ai subverted to help sec while saying to take weapons to fight against them, isn’t “calling for mutiny”?

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Correct, it wasn’t mutiny. If it was, I would have killed the det that engaged me. Actions speak louder than words, and at no time did I harm a sec officer. Literally 0 damage from me. It was all just words. It was roleplay, for the purpose of demeaning sec instead of just calling them bad.

mhm, yeah, calling others a waste of space, saying they shouldn’t exist or that they’re garbage definitely is amazing roleplay everyone felt amazing and great seeing.

One thing you really have to learn is that roleplay has to be enjoyable for everyone.
You salting for half an hour to a point of hurling insults every second and making shit up to ruin others round, is not enjoyable roleplay for anyone but you


:+1: the last comment was on-topic, but oh well. Just for the record.

you really have to learn that rp needs to be enjoyable for everyone

It indeed was enjoyable for others, seeing as other cargo staff actually stood behind me as we were doing our own ghetto protest. Shit was fun, you should have seen it.

You salting for half an hour

Wasn’t salt, don’t understand why you keep bringing it up as such but it only makes you look salty about the events.

Thank you for understanding, have a good day

You were head of cargo, technically a head of staff, you should be an example for yellow jumpsuit boys sk they behave properly and dont order their military base worth of guns.

You riled up people for mutiny while you yourself didn’t harm anyone, if people who you instigated actually went on and killed security you wouldn’t have stopped them, coward behaviour and doesn’t excuse you from forming a group to harass others at all.

Okay fair. I apologize for that behaviour, I set a wrong example. Though to my own defense, someone could have told me what the heck was going on as the hop was fighting.
Just to correct you though, QM is not a head of staff, nor the head of cargo. He’s basically cargo tech + miner. HOP is the head, which is coincidentally the person I saw getting killed. To segway into my primary argument: I report to hop. Seeing him scream for help both in person and over comms is of course going to make me come and help him. Command takes priority over security, after all.

Also to go back on this; All I did was verbal. At no point did I ever harm a sec officer. Hell, I even got into 2 arrest scenarios, and I escaped both with just using disarm. I even met the same sec guy later when I was brigged and we had a pleasant convo along the lines of; “Good fight”, “Yeah I have to get robust”, “Don’t worry, you were a good opponent”. This of course, was not toxic. Howluinb just made it look like I was salty 24/7, which of course, I was not, considering they only saw a few bits of me. What Howluinb calls “salt” was actually just the result of a bunch of confusion and lack of information, which I believe is a part of the game. This is why I called the security murderers. Not because I secretly wanted them to get all killed and banned or whatever, I did it because I saw the hop getting forcefully detained, cuffed and dragged off into sec as he was screaming for help, after which he was getting killed.
Therefore, I see no reasons to call this “Self antag”. After all, actions speak louder than words, and my actions were pretty harmless. The be excellent to each other rule is also a bit shakey, considering howluinb actively provoked me after, both ICly and OOCly.

jesus, the more time is spent the more reasons and ways you find to justify your actions.

The hop never fought. He was cuffed, and the bartender came in to bat the hos while he was trying to process the hop.

At no point was it unclear what was going on. The HoS was clearly defending himself against the bartender.

then why go against the cap & HoS ? The cap is over the HoP in the hierarchy, and HoS agreed with the cap.

The more you speak the more you modify how the events actually transpired into this new narrative, reminds me of that one south park episode about fish sticks. It’s amazing.

Here’s an honest, legitimate recap of the situation :

HoP steals borg battery & shit on a borg with bartender, then flees away.
HoS catches HoP
HoP gets brigged and put in a cell.
Bartender barges into the brig cell with a bat while HoS is processing HoP (ie: undressing him)
HoS tries to flash, bartender has beer goggles, bartender proceeds to hit him several times with a bat.
HoS shoves bartender, takes his bat away, bartender instantly pulls out shotgun & shoots HoS.
HoS instantly leaves the cell to not get fucked over, panics, and shoots 3 to 4 lethal shots at the now locked in bartender with a shotgun in hand. (maybe accident? prob meant disable? kinda bad tho, but not literal murder)
The lethal shots light everyone inside the cell on fire for no reason.
They are quickly extinguished.
They both serve their sentence.

At no point did HoP scream on comms or scream about getting murdered. You were standing in front of the brig cell the entire time and saw those exact events unfold with your own two eyes. You then proceeded to leave and make up a story about HoS brutally murdering HoP and needing to fight back against sec who are here to murder us all, and saying that sec subverted AI.

All the while you threw insults at a ton of people, including borgs & sec. It doesn’t matter how you didn’t insult the cargo techs - you were still incredibly toxic to a large amount of people.

It’s not that hard to understand.

Making up shit to pretend sec is a bunch of murderers and AI is subverted, solely out of a personal grudge ? No.
Calling for mutiny for no reason except you not liking being arrested, as a pseudo-head of staff ? No. (pretty much everyone sees qm as one, and they’ve got basically the same abilities except for command headset)
Being INCREDIBLY toxic to other players who slightly wronged you for legitimate reasons ? No.

And please stop making up shit about me harrassing you ooc and ic. You started each of those encounters and tried to add oil to the fire constantly while I was either ignoring or laughing at you for how toxic you were at me.
Me saying “seethe/seething” is not an insult. You saying “You’re such a pissy little cunt” and a ton of other various jovial things, be it in game or on the discord ? Proceeding to make a player report over me solely because I got you arrested under asimov laws for having attacked a human ? That’s insults and/or harrasment. Spinning/pointing for a very short bit after you called me a waste of space, mentally challenged, added that I should kill myself, isn’t.

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Wonderful, this only proves that there is not only any reason to continue discussing this, considering that you fail to realize what actually happened and purposefully ignore what I say, as well as being demeaning, which is a general trend of your behavior on these forums which also proves to me that you have spite and/or resentment towards me.

Also; for even more context, you failed to bring up that the head of personnel was asking for assistance, crying out for help in comms as well as in person. Since I respond to HoP (Not the HoS, as you might believe), I of course moved in to help… as best as I could.
It’s not that hard to understand.

Incorrect. It was all perceived information, which has been proved to be false after the round ended. However, since we are talking about the events that were actively unfolding, we are still on the basis of purely IC knowledge without any metacommunications in place, therefore I was not making up “shit”, I was simply observing what was happening.

Again, as confirmed by the community, admins and code, the role of quartermaster is not a head of staff. They lack bridge access, they have no gear that another head of a department/station might have, such as the telescopic baton, a headset with command access. The only thing that would make them resemble a head would be their cloak and cargo budget, both of which do not prove their “head” status. Now that this is presumably understood, I would like to add what the definition of mutiny means in space station 13 terminology.

To act individually, or as a group, to overthrow or subvert the established Chain of Command without lawful and legitimate cause.

I would also like to add the associated note lifted off beestation wiki:

Mutiny is not as clear cut as it may seem, there may be a legitimate reason for their actions, such as their head of staff being utterly incompetent. This is one of the few crimes where it is recommended to always seek a third party opinion. If their actions are determined to be for the betterment of Nanotrasen consider a timed sentence or even a full pardon

First of all, I was respecting the head of personnel, the second member at the top of the Chain of Command, positioned right under the Captain. This turns the situation from a “Mutiny” charge to a " Inciting a Riot" charge (306). Since there’s not a clear-cut definition between those two, I’ll just defend myself against the Mutiny charge you seem to hell-bent on giving me. As stated in the notes of Mutiny charges,

If their actions are determined to be for the betterment of Nanotrasen consider a timed sentence or even a full pardon

Were my words harsh? Yes, one could say that “murdering all of sec” is quite the good definition of a lengthy brig arrest, coupled with a tracking implant and demotion or permabrig. However, was I doing it to better Nanotrasen? Arguably, you could say that my disruptive use of comms was not the best way to better Nanotrasen, but since there was no other way to quickly denounce security for what I percieved at the time to be an assassination, I simply had no other choice, other than let the Head of Personnel (Whom was asking for help, mind you) die, which was less than the desired outcome.
Now that you understand my intentions, I hope you can also understand that what I did was neccessary.

If you at any time felt that I was “incredibly toxic” (Or anyone else that was interacting with me), you could have simply used the LOOC feature to tell me to stop, after which I would, given that I had your OOC request to do so. You could have also ahelped the manner at hands, which would have also been swiftly handled. You going on a tangent here that I’m a league of legends player just goes to prove that you yourself could not properly assess the situation at hand OR you simply haven’t bothered (Arguably even worse), which led you to make a player report for my actions AFTER I made a report on you, likely an act of spite.

Oh you think so? After round, these were the messages in the discord’s #general without my involvement:

Bean and Fishfinger cheese — 25/09/2021
Qm commits mutiny, gets let off with just a demotion, screams shitsec and salts for rest of round

Howluin31153 — 25/09/2021
typical chizzy moment

(This was of course one of your many provocations towards me, if you can’t tell. I’m just saying it here since you seem to not understand.)

I defend myself, saying that’s not what really happened, after which I get called a moron by the other guy. After this, I put a little story on the discord about what happened from my perspective, after which it is revealed to me that you were the borg player. This was a huge red flag for multiple reasons, the main one being that you keep being a shitter to me over discord, which you have already tried to disprove/not acknowledge, and ALSO your very toxic behavior in some of your past IC rounds and deadchat. I call you out for metagrudge (Which I still sliightly believe had a play in hand, considering the drastic measures you went through)

Howluin31153 — 25/09/2021
literally seething

You then say this, which is another provocation. I typed in some “insults” as others in the chat called it, like calling you a NRP player. (Which I firmly stand by, considering you typed in 0 words during your entire encounter with me in character.)
I also called you a “dumbfuck” which I do regret, since it doesn’t reflect with my true self and I do apologize for that. I won’t even hide behind the “it was in the moment rage” or whatever, I do say that was kind of bad, yep.
Anyyyyways, I hope that we can both reach an equilibrium and come to a mutual understanding. Volatus is not guilty, he was trying to be loyal. GREYTIDE was following their laws, they had no reason to disobey asimov. Peace be with you.

I dont understand this baack and forth, admin with logs will know exact information instead of both of your bastardised reality of what happened.

only thing to do is wait for admin investigation instead of arguing about what actually happened and repeating the same wall of text.


didn’t naevi resign?

yes they did