Dukeduki banned by rodboward

CKEY: dukeduki

Admin’s CKEY: rodboward

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: as far as i know only for lrp

Ban Type: permanent

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-10 04:45

Round ID: 10072

Ban Reason: Blew up a fuel tank right outside HoP office door. Left right after. Has a ton of notes.

Appeal Reason: No one was significantly injured except me. No hull breach. Few sec later executed by the HOP for that.

Additional Information: I stayed around a few moments later. I don’t remember receiving any message on the subject. Don’t know the connection between my notes with this event.

There was a hull breach though. Whether or not you were executed is kinda irrelevant. You have at least 5+ notes for doing similar things. You left about a minute after doing it. Gonna wait for other admins for their two cents on the matter. This is pretty much blatant grief as you did it as non-antag.

as far as i remember there was no hull breach. the execution is relevant because i have done something IC, with no o significant harm to the environment or those around me and it was handled in the most extreme way. i have no complaints to the hop. and again, I don’t know what the connection between past events and this is.
each case is on its merits. especially the occasional childish and unprofessional behavior that sometimes comes across from the administrative side. I’m not here to report or complain. this event and the severity of its treatment just proves it.

There was a hull breach, gonna tell you that right now. The connection between this event and past ones is the fact you have a regular history of grief. Griefing IC and being killed for it doesn’t change the fact that it’s grief and against our rules.

Welder bombing yourself is grief to who?

You hit three other people with it and caused a hull breach. Gonna leave it a perma until another admin tells me otherwise since you don’t seem to get it.

How many of them got into critical? How big was the hull breach?
I wonder if there is some data computation before pressing the ban button.
It does not hold water. Based on past cases I really do not know what is there but I know that there is nothing to do with this event, and to calculate the level of damage and the result only shows one thing - you made an unprofessional and unsubstantiated decision.
Welder bombing+ 150 damage/3 folks+1 hull breach = permanent ban
Or I miss a very big principle here
Or all my notes are full of restless behavior that really should have blocked me long ago
Or just what I wrote down to the last 2 paragraphs is true

You were perma banned because you left literally a minute or less after you did it, which we do for literally everyone.

I honestly don’t know why the punishments are so harsh on this server. In what world is slightly impacting people’s round once worth permanently removing someone’s ability to play? I understand they are a repeat offender but in that case I think he just deserves a lengthy temporary ban. Not permanent. He’s made an appeal now so the justification that he left before being contacted isn’t relevant anymore.

Just because he made an appeal dosen’t mean that the ban will be automatically lowered, and its common policy in almost all SS13 servers to perma ban those who leave before a bwoink or mid.
So what’s left now is to decide what will be done with the ban length.

Now lets see how silly event like this can be starched. You blow it out of proportion. This is the same childish and unprofessional behavior I have addressed before. The level of mindfulness strives to zero and the hold on procedures and momentary anger are what determine the reality here.

Lowered to two weeks. Probably could have gotten it lower, but instead you decided to insult me and show next to no remorse or even a shred of understanding as to why repeated behavior would lead to a more serious consequence.

Nothing personal. The criticism wasn’t just directed at you. Anyway, you just acknowledged what I was claiming all along. " Probably could have gotten it lower, but instead you decided to insult me". childish and unprofessional behavior. We all knew how it would end. No matter how you turn it , anyone with a little wisdom can read between the lines. You have climbed a tall tree, and it is embarrassing to come down when you are blatantly shown where you failed and acted incorrectly. As far as I’m concerned you could leave the permban, I’ll just play with the modem for a while.

No there’s a huge difference between, “Hey fuckhead do this for me” and “Hey please do this for me”.

Care to guess which camp you fall into? As a side note, I never acted incorrectly. I could have left it at a perma at my discretion. But since you made the appeal, I lowered it as we tend to do when you appeal after you disconnect. No higher admin told me to do this.

yes no doubt you are a big boy

Being a condescending cunt back in the old days of le epic bee would get your ban time increased. Stop. Think about what you are doing.

RodBoward was completely fine in permabanning you, infact, i wouldve rejected your appeal by now for a few reasons; condescending cunt, previous notes, depressurising a main corridor (according to what has been said) along with disconnecting before being bwoinked.

He reduced it at his own free will - he wasnt actually forced to do that until the ban appeal either went through, or a higher up told him to do it with a decent reason.

psst increase it back to perma

Why bother appealing if you’re literally coming here to say that you’ll ban evade?


20 char limit fuck qwerty

Great times. Extended to permanent. Deny and close.