Due to trademark reasons, the Roomba has been renamed

This was on today Changelog

I dont know what Roomba is in SS13 but. iRobot if you see this, Know very well you have made me not to want to buy your shit no matter what and I will make sure no one in my family buy your crap no matter what even if the gates of hell will be open on this world.

Irobot has not sent any cease and desist, crossedfall just wants to be safe


And now we have Larry, so I think we ended up winning anyways.


crossedfall is notorious for not taking any risks related to copyright, just be thankful that also means we don’t have protogen


rip copyrighted lobby music, you will be missed

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Good thing we managed to pay for xenomorphs and every single track admins are playing midround ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I dont actually think Xenomorph is copy protected or trademarked because im pretty sure H.R. Geiger (Idk how to spell his name.) invented the term?

Also there shouldnt actually be any problems w/breaching copyright or trademark laws at least for the US (Yes ik Crossed isnt in the US but most of the companies we take stuff from are.) considering SS13 or at least Beestation is 1: An Open Source 2: Non-Profit 3: Community project that does not present itself to be selling an alternative to any of the products. We arent even close to in breach of anything as far as i understand. (The reason CM13 got hit by a C&D was because of Gearbox trademarking Colonial Marines i believe.) So we should be fine to keep Roomba as is cause its not like we are selling them.

Also all the songs played by admins during rounds are on Spotify or Youtube for free and if either of those platforms has not removed them we have done no wrong and thats on them to handle. Ffs who is going to get in trouble for playing a song on an obscure video game. Ever heard of Cepheus Protocol? Its a Tactical scale RTS in early access on Steam that if you have a helicopter it lets to play extremely copyrighted music whenever you want. I doubt they paid all the necessary fees for the dozens or so tracks from dozens of different authors.

I’m pretty sure the matter isn’t about whether the server is within its right in using that material, but more about avoiding the issue entirely.
As someone who studies law (albeit not in the US but still), trust me when I say that you want to avoid any procedures if you can. It’s lengthy, stresfull and will likely cost tons of money. There’s a reason why out of court settlements are favored by parties in the US when possible, no one wants to deal with judges and the law.

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Fair fair.

Im just not worried about some idiot from IRobot stumbling across our obscure corner of the internet and filing a lawsuit over us using Roomba. XD

Im not mad about the change, Larrybots is hilarious (And you can use pen rename them to Roombas…)

They also store and sell the data the vaccums collect. So if you own one, advertising companies know the exact size of your home.

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Thats why you take the WiFi chip out of them. Voids the warranty but better than having IRobot know exactly where you live and how fucking big your house is.


Crossed is from Texas…

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Wait really? I thought he was German?


This is scarcely brought up deep lore about Bee, but he lives down there with his turtle Frank(yes, that Frank)



Well im dumb.

20 characters.

Imagine living in a corporate hell hole where this can be done to you

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CM was sent a C&D by Fox over the use of Weyland Yutani.

I couldnt remember. Thx.

The stuff on CM’s website also differs from whats in-game iirc

Given that corporate antiviruses block malware, it is impossible for Fox lawyers to install byond to check.

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Yeah. Its been what? 3 years now? They are still trying to remove Weyland-Yutani stuff. They havent even finished removing all the logos from the menus yet.