Dropko banned by piterskiy

CKEY: Dropko

Admin’s CKEY: piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Job ban

Ban Length: Week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 28.7.2020

Ban Reason: didnt setup SM properly, which caused it to delaminate. dont play important jobs if you dont know what are you doing

Appeal Reason: Unjust ban. I have set up the SM correctly, even had a technician as backup and doublechecking. Something must’ve gone wrong that I don’t know of. I guy was mentioning putting some extra ventilation system on the SM, I didn’t see what he did because I can’t be everywhere and because I just got attacked with an esword. If you did spot a problem, you didn’t mention it.

Additional Information: On to of that I’d like to really say that the way you are running the server at the moment is just horrible. You got issues with greytiders in literally every round, they are being reported and you are completely ignoring them. You call this shit “MRP” and can’t ban a greytider, yet something goes wrong when I try to do things right and even go through precausions like doublechecking stuff with other people and you just instantly ban me for a week from all engineering jobs because something went wrong… I instantly responded to admin messaging me explaining the situation and I didn’t even get any response, just straight up ban. Who do you want to play on this server? The people trolling and shitting on other people?


I was there and checked when the station engineer mentorhelped to ask if it was set up properly, you forgot to set the vent output in the SM chamber to maximum and forgot to increase the pressure on the pumps going in and out of the space loop.

I did forgot about the pumps in the space loop, which was a mistake. I did not sabotage it on purpose. Do you find this worthy of a week ban, when you got trolls running around that are ignored? I’m one of the few people who actually tries to do things correctly and in a MRP fashion. This is the reaction to it? Instant week ban?I went straight to cargo and ordered new stuff when it delaminated, trying to fix the issue. The reaction is absolutely disproportionate and I cannot understand how you are OK with admins doing this without actually trying to investigate the issue. Yesterday I had was shot by an assistant with something that caused braindamage for me and several other players. I provided full information about it and others were complaining as well, the guy wasn’t playing any antag role. Nothing was done about it. I make a mistake, even though I tried to have doublecking for stuff like this and I get instantly banned. Like what message are you trying to send across?

While I understand the logic of MRP players should be expected to be more competent at their jobs than LRP. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to simply help and teach the player anyways rather than ban them for what appears to be an honest mistake?

This seems like an issue that could have just been fixed with kindness and guidance.

It was only a department job ban which is standard procedure when you are playing as the head of that department without showing the knowledge required to play that head job.
I cannot speak for the details of this particular ban or ticket in question since it was not me who issued it.

just to clarify, he was playing CE, not regular engineer

But you did mention you were there, why not just take a moment to teach the player their mistake? Even if the other admin or you decided to still job ban after at-least you’d permanently fix this issue through an act of kindness.


I was semi-busy with other things at the time, and I tried telling the other engineer who mentorhelped but he didn’t locate the problem either. We’re not really allowed to blatantly tell everyone what they are doing wrong since that would be serious ocky icky.

That’s understandable, even though a slight nudge like “are all pumps ok?” would completely avoid this situation, but I understand that you cannot act in a way that would avoid mistakes. That being said, it’s really hard to carry on like this trying to do your best while having to deal day after day with other BS that is happening around which is against the rules and gets ignored and then just get punished like this. Do not lift the ban, I’ve decided to look for another server where is more effort put into eliminating actual problems instead of punishing legitimate players. Thanks for your time and thanks Zoey for playing the devil’s advocate.

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reduced to 2 days CE only jobban


I just want to add in that most of the time, people only get away with shitty things because nobody adminhelped the issue and we can’t really spot everything that happens in a round.
If you see someone acting in a way you think is unsuitable on MRP, you should definitely send an adminhelp so that it may at least have a chance to get looked at.