DrMacCool Mentor Application

Your CKEY: DrMacCool

Your Discord: DrMacCool#6669

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since May 2019. Beestation was my first server and still my most frequented. I did spend a good bit of time playing /tg/ before the two codebases properly split.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I’m not really meta-friendly enough with anyone to have any one person vouch for my knowledge, though if anyone does recognise my statics, it would be cool if you could give some input, both positive and negative.

Game Experience (More Detailed): My specialty is definitely Engineering. I (hopefully) have in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals (atmos included) and am able to solve the large majority of station problems. Outside of Engineering, I’ve sunk a lot of hours into medical with a similar breadth of knowledge, though it’s been a while since I’ve played it solidly, so some changes to the ‘meta’ of medical might be outside my area.
I’ve also sunk a solid amount if time into AI, which is one of the more technically specific jobs that also require a wide knowledge of most departments to play effectively.
Though I’m not a huge fan of science, I can code with nanites and can also make toxin bombs.

For things I’m not so experienced at, I’ve never been hot shit at combat, though I blame the server lag. The only job where I’d say I have little experience is Botany, I understand some of the fundamentals, but have never been interested enough in the job to really dive into it. Though I’ve played my fair share of Shaft Miner, I don’t have terribly much interest in cargo, though it’s definitely not a hard job, so I wouldn’t call low cargo hours much of a hole in my knowledge. My service hours also vary from job to job, though once again they aren’t very technical.

Here are my hours if you don’t want to read the spiel: -


All in all, even if this doesn’t work out first try, this will be a good opportunity to round out some of my knowledge. Hit me with your questions and we’ll see what happens.


I do, i can say for certain when you were an engineer in round SM was the tamest it has ever been, definitely a capable engineer. Can’t give feedback on other roles sadly. Unless you tell me your AI name? Maybe I recognize that too.

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Holy shit another AI main.

I guess there really are other psychopaths like me.

  1. What crew species is inflammable?

  2. “How do you make plant pot glow yellow?”(actual question I got)

  3. An individual is gibbed and loses all of their items including their ID. You are HOP. Guide me through the complete process of making a new one for them.

  4. You get a mhelp asking where the captains crusader armor is. Where could this player find this item?

  5. “How do I kill the AI?” (Got this yesterday)

  6. How can you power up the MeV on the Supermatter without use of lasers or emitters?

  7. How do you revive an otherwise unharmed but deceased patient without the use of a cloner or defib?

  8. How do you make BBQ sauce?

  9. How do you send packages without the mulebot or dragging them there? Guide me through the process.


I have zero clue. I’d ask for them to specify what they mean. If I had to play 20 questions with them, I’d assume it’s either been spray painted, there are some yellow-green glowshrooms underneath the sprite or that it’s been irradiated some how.
EDIT: Do the visual effects of gene mods, like space adapt, show up even if someone is holding a pot plant? That could be it.

I’m not sure in how many situations someone gets gibbed and still gets revived, outside of using a cloner back-up. Assuming this isn’t some kind of trick question, you: -

  1. Grab a spare ID from the box.
  2. Insert the target ID into an ID console or a tablet with the ID program, alongside your own ID to authenticate it (Don’t get the two slots mixed up).
  3. Either select one of the job presets or make a custom set up with a custom job name. You can assign an access level by clicking on its name in the menu.
  4. Change the employee name to whoever requested it.
  5. Take out the target ID (double check you’ve ejected the right one) and pass it to the employee.
    [If the guy wants a new PDA, too]
  6. Dispense a new PDA from the vendor.
  7. Insert it into the PDA Painter (I think that’s its name).
  8. Paint it to taste.
  9. Dispense and insert whatever PDA module is needed.
  10. Insert the new ID into the new PDA and pass it back the the employee.

If they specifically want crusader armour, they might be talking about the Chaplain’s crusader armour and got the names mixed up. If there isn’t a Chaplain already aboard, they should be able to purchase a supply beacon from the Chap’s AutoDrobe, which will let them spawn in the armour. If they do mean the Captain’s armour, thinking it looks like a crusader get-up, I’d assume they mean the Cap’s hardsuit, which can be found in their quarters in the suit storage unit. If it’s not that, I’d guide them towards the cap’s locker which contains all their other clothes. Maybe they think wearing a crown makes you a crusader.

There are so many ways to fuck over an AI. You can:-

  • Break into its sat and murk the fucker on the spot with any old weapon.
  • Use a powerful enough EMP within a proximity, which will leave them stunned and vulnerable for finishing off, if it doesn’t outright kill them.
  • Use an X-Ray gun with X-Ray vision to wallbang it. The penetrator sniper rifle also works.
  • Expose/destroy the AI with a toxins bomb.
  • Get it out of its sat for easy pickings by convincing the AI to move somewhere else.
  • Or, if you’re a little bitch, give it a law which tells it to immediately kill itself.

The usual go-to is CO2 for raising MeV, though I’m not sure if it still works without an emitter firing at it.

Use Strange Reagent or whine to an admin for an aheal.

I don’t know. Can you even make BBQ sauce? I’ve never used condiments in my few chef hours and I don’t think I’ve seen any other chef use them either.

You can use disposals as a mailing system. I’ve never really done it myself, but if I remember correctly you:-

  1. Get your package.
  2. Wrap it with wrapping paper.
  3. Use a destination tagger to tag it with where ever you want it to be delivered.
  4. Send the wrapped and tagged package through the delivery chute in the mail room to send it straight to its destination, assuming no one cut the the disposal pipes.

Hopefully that’s enough to satisfy you. It’s getting late where I am so I might not be thinking straight. Let me know if any of my answers confuse you or if I forgot to respond to something.


The correct answer was Earthsblood. From Ambrosia Gaia.

Your glowshroom proposition was good, but you have the wrong mentor mindset. Most mhelps are related to game mechanics, and almost every botanist I know will rush earthsblood.

No, it is a Pubbystation exclusive item


It can.
It’s just really damn slow buildup.

Yes. They are required for BBQ Ribs.

+0.5 from me. You have a good general understanding, but you lack alot of the knowledge of the niche that many players will be looking for.

Alot of what I was asking you cannot be found on the wiki, which was intentional on my part.

If I seem a bit harsh, don’t take it personally. I’m just tired of 6 mentors being on and I’m the only one answering mhelps.

Ah. You meant hydroponic bays. I assumed you were talking about the pot plants that decorate the station. I’ll take the L, but I would have said that if I knew that’s what you were asking. I suppose that kind of loose language is what’s expected from mhelps, though.

Trust me, it gets so much looser haha

I should have specified the question as botany. I usually mark my questions by department, but for whatever reason I didn’t during your app. Sorry man.

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Here are six questions which are realistic mhelps:

  1. How does one obtain a lawyers law and order headset? I cannot find one in the lawyer vendor
  2. Can the reflector vest fit inside a satchel?
  3. Is there a way for start-of-round borgs to cryo?
  4. whats the single for the base
  5. why am I getting unable to locate valid genetic data if I am scanning a real human head?
  6. What is the difference between the unary vent and the passive vent?

How would you respond to each of these?

okay, lowkey I mhelped both of this yesterday how the heck did it end up here

Ini you stole my mhelps
:angry: :rage:

I wrote down a few that looked like they’d be good on mentor apps

I’m not ini get it right

I’ve been thinking for a long time and even i dont get this question.

Edit: got it, fair enough.

I asked how you’d respond, not what the answer is.

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nope, you can get it from safety-removed holodeck set on “medieval” time too. it’s INSANE when trying to do melee fights


Your substitute is valid, however,

Please read the full question. In context, the player is looking for the captain’s room specific item.

This was intended to be a map-knowledge question.

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Funnily enough, I remember having this problem a while ago. I don’t think I ever found a spare headset. If I had to answer this mhelp, I would start by doing a run down of other possible locations, mainly just asking them to check other containers in the law office or courtroom. However, I’d let them know that security keeps spare sec headsets in their equipment room and that they could ask for one of those if worse comes to worst. Security will oblige you 9/10 times.

I believe it can. You definitely can if you use a BS compressor. I admit I’ve never successfully stolen one in the past, so asking another mentor would get them a more confident answer.

I may be getting my servers mixed up, but I’m pretty sure cyborgs can cryo like any other crewmember. If not, let an admin know you need to log off and they can offer your body up to the ghosts.

I’d ask them to specify. If their response isn’t any more coherent, I’d run them through some questions, starting with either what their job is or where they are and narrow it down from there. If I had to take a shot in the dark, I’d assume they’re talking about the auxiliary mining base, only because it’s the only thing in this game that has ‘base’ in the name.

I’m pretty sure you get that specfic error message if the head is brainless. I’d ask them to double check if the head they’re scanning has a brain. If it does have a brain, I’d ask them to check if it’s husked. If it’s also in fine condition, I’d tell them to check if the head has a soul (it should be ‘twitching slightly’). If we can’t diagnose the issue, I’d tell them to cut the brain out, pour mannitol on it with a beaker and clone it that way.

Unary vents are the standard vents you find all over the station, they release whatever gasses are inside them until the specified internal or external pressure thresholds are reached. They can be configured at an air alarm and are good for pressurising rooms or chambers. Passive vents passively exchange the contents inside the pipes they’re connected to and the air around them, attempting to reach equilibrium. They are good for allowing the outside and inside of a pipenet to interact, without needing to set up scrubbers and a vent.

  1. Correct, the only way to obtain one is to spawn as lawyer.
  2. It can fit in a satchel, its weight class isn’t Bulky
  3. Correct
  4. Good, bonus points for actually getting the answer, they were asking about the aux base gps signal (it gets one when it launches)
  5. Correct, the error is when the scan subject doesn’t have a humanoid dna datum (ex. Ian in the scanner)
  6. Great. (Passive vents are also really good at nefarious deeds, due to their capability to incredibly rapidly increase or decrease pressure).

I’d recommend learning how to search and read code, it’s an incredibly helpful way to learn things.


I do poke through the code from time to time, though I usually only do it for my spriting/very minor coding pet projects. I’m not sure where I’d even start looking for fun mechanics trivia.

looks pretty good so have a +0.5 and some questions to get the other half

  1. someone sends a complete meme question, something like “do you like Fortnite” , do you even reply?

2.how do you get rainbow flowers?

  1. how do you upload art to the curator console?

  2. best Roman numeral for use in Spiecies name?

  3. hey I found a bug, can you please help?

  4. favourite bug race? (from grod, moths, flypeople and snailpeople)

Unless it’s against conduct to entertain meme questions, sure. Only if they’re actually funny, though.

Botany’s my weak spot in terms of knowledge, so I’m going to assume mutation shenanigans.

To be honest, I’ve barely seen people even doing art, let alone uploading it via the curator. I would assume it’s the same as books: You place it in the scanner-majig and follow the upload prompt through the curator’s console.

IV. The number of impeccable taste and supreme robustness.

Snailpeople. They’re niche, don’t make me want to figuratively barf (moths/grod) or literally barf (flypeople). If you’re trying to catch me out on this by adding a false answer, when you say ‘snailpeople’ I assume you mean what you get if you go too hard on mutation injectors.

meme questions are just free points for the next mentor audit, no reason not to reply

nope, from cargo

if I remember correctly you gotta put em on the spiecal “archive” frames in the library


strange choice

great answers so have the other +0.5 good sir

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